5 Best Steps for Became an Affiliate Marketer

Where To Get Started Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program which is the best Affiliate beginner friendly platform where you will need to start, manage and grow your online business and scale up to the next level.

One of the best reliable and friendly Online Affiliate Marketing Learning University.

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You can fill and decorate your store by making relevant and quality content easily by using Site Content to target the niche market or niche you want. If you don’t have an idea about what content you want to write, you can get lots of ideas here because there are lots of articles written by members on various topics that you can make as inspiration for your writing.

In addition, you can also interact with mentors who are experienced and successful in online business, direct WA co-founders, to get help or tips to develop your business effectively also 24 hours online help supports .

Yes, you can get all of this at Wealthy Affiliate so you can save costs and time and don’t have to bother looking here and there for a multi-functional system.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

• There are trainings to make it easier for you to start your online business such as Certification Courses and Affiliate Bootcamp

• Many kinds of training such as videos, tutorials and online classes are held every week

• More than 1,000,000 members from all over the world in the community who are ready to help you

• Live and interactive help and support via Live Chat

• Two FREE sites that you can create professionally yourself to start your online business

• Fast and secure advanced hosting using SSL

• Can consult directly with experts and billionaires in the field of online business

• The system is continuously updated to support easy learning and online business development for WA members at no additional cost

• No SPAM at all

• Completely FREE to start (no credit card)

If you are constrained by language, I will be happy to help you get the full benefit from WA. After you join WA you can directly contact me via my profile. If price is a problem, you can buy an account and use it together with your other friends to start an online business either individually or together.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You?

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for everyone, whether they are beginners or still want to learn to those who are advanced or professional, all of whom can still get a lot of benefits.

For beginners, you can learn about how to start an online business by following the training programs provided and watching various training videos available.

For those who are familiar with online business, you can add to your knowledge and experience by taking interactive training classes that cover a variety of topics from how to find an interesting niche, conduct effective keyword searches, write relevant content so that it can be ranked on the page first on Google, and other interesting topics.

And for those of you who are already proficient, you can interact with fellow successful online businessmen in the WA community to be able to expand your business network and develop your business.

So what are you waiting for…. let’s join Wealthy Affiliate now! There are so many benefits that you can get for the success of your online business.

Training & Features at Wealthy Affiliate

There are many types of training available at Wealthy Affiliate which are suitable for both beginners and experienced. Even those who are experienced can add new insights and knowledge.

The types of training available include:

Interactive training class that is broadcast live (live) every week where you can directly ask the instructor

  • Training arranged per topic
  • Training provided by successful online business experts
  • Training in the form of videos & tutorials

In every training there are assignments that are given in order to help understand the training material completely

So in WA there are many types of training that can help you to start, manage and grow your online business.

In addition to the complete training above, WA also provides support with interesting features such as:

Keyword Search Tool & Competition Level – Jaaxy

  • A fast website building tool, with just 3 CLICKS you can create your website in 30 seconds
  • A list of keywords that have a low level of competition so you can easily rank on the first page of Google
  • Unlimited and advanced hosting services (for Premium Members)
  • More than 3,000 site views to choose from (for Premium Members)
  • Over 51,000 additional features to enhance your site (for Premium Members)
  • SiteContent to help write content / blog quickly and easily

The features above can help you to do keyword searches, write content / blogs and create a site as well as host it so you can start your online business easily and quickly. Want to start your online business now? Join WA by creating a FREE Beginner account here.

Support Provided at Wealthy Affiliate

When we learn something new we usually have a lot of questions. So, if you have questions about online business, do you like to ask “Oom Google”?

If you do that, the answers you get can vary, whether from credible sources or not, which can make you dizzy. Now it’s not fun to know that in the Wealthy Affiliate community you can get all the answers you need and are given in a timely manner from experienced and successful online business experts.

Inside there is a community that is always ready to help you 24 hours a day because members come from all over the world. So if you have a question, just write it on Live Chat and surely someone will help you immediately.

In addition, there is also a complete support system such as:

• Chat rooms available in person or live

• Interactive discussions with users and directly with Wealthy Affiliate owners

• Special access to online business experts in the community

So you can see that you are not alone in traveling in this online business. There are tons of mentors ready to help you achieve your online success.

So don’t worry if you don’t know something… you just have to ask the WA community through the various methods provided. In fact, you can directly ask the site owner directly and they will be happy and immediately help you with their experience of more than 10 years in the world of online business.



There are two memberships in Wealthy Affiliate.

Beginner Members: $ 0 – FREE (join here)

Premium Members: $ 49 per month / $ 359 per year (join here)

You may ask what do you get the FREE offer? Is the $ 0 alias really worth nothing?

By joining as a Beginner member you get direct access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. In it you can directly access the Live Chat feature, take part in more than 500 training modules, build and expand networks with fellow online businessmen, provide comments, use keyword search tools and many others.

Yes, you can try these features for free and enjoy the benefits. Isn’t it better for you to try before you buy something? This is your chance !!!

After you feel the benefits and if you really want to be successful in online business then you can upgrade your membership to Premium. By becoming a Premium member you get a unified system to start, manage and grow your online business.

This system will eliminate additional costs and time in managing your business such as:

  • Hosting fees
  • Cost of keyword search tools
  • Cost to create a site
  • The cost of getting a mentor
  • Looking for a content writing tool / blog
  • Find the domain for your site
  • Costs for attending training events in person or live
  • Search the internet for answers to your questions
  • Looking for the right training

Yes, this integrated system is very helpful in saving time and money so you can focus on managing and growing your business. You don’t need to look for other systems or books or training anymore because in my experience nothing is as complete and good as this.



How To Building Your Own Traffic Platforms

All website owners want their website to be flooded with visitors every day. Online store websites require high traffic so that they can then be managed into leads or customers. Blogs also need high traffic so that later blog owners can post advertisements or advertorial collaborations on their blogs.

Since you first created a website or blog, maybe you have tried various ways to increase traffic to your website or blog. From publishing a lot of content consistently, sharing it on social media, to advertising it.

Unfortunately you are not getting the results you want. Your website or blog traffic is still running in place even though you feel you have implemented all the ways to increase it. You start to wonder if the method you used was wrong?

The good news is that you’ve found the right blog article. This blog article will guide you to increase website and blog traffic in 20 proven effective ways.

Are you ready to increase your website and blog traffic?

20 Ways to Increase Website Traffic up to 2 Times:

1.Keyword Research

Writing articles based on personal ideas alone is not recommended. Not doing keyword research before writing articles is a fatal mistake for all website and blog owners. Only relying on personal ideas, without doing keyword research, in writing articles will make it difficult for your website to be found in Google search results.

Your writing idea can be good and interesting in your opinion, but if no one is at all interested in the idea, your website traffic will be difficult to increase. By doing keyword research, you can find keywords that are much searched for by Google search engine users.

You can do keyword research in a number of ways. There are various kinds of tools that can help you find the right keywords for your website and blog. Choose from 9 different keyword research methods that suit your needs.

We use keywords (keywords) to be precise. This is the only way to increase traffic to our website organically. Then, how do we find keywords for SEO? Let’s get into that further.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Jaaxy

Why do we need to do SEO? We must understand that SEO is the way search engines find our website. People use search engines to search for many things. Of course, they are looking for information. If that information is on your website, then you want people to be able to find it. This is the basic understanding of SEO.

How to Find Keywords for SEO?

You need a Keyword Research Tool for this. One of the best keyword research tools is Jaaxy. But the first thing I want to do is use Google.

Google being the best search engine is a great place to look for keywords. Enter the keywords you want into the search bar but DO NOT press the Enter key yet.

Google will display a list of keywords that you can use. For example, I used the word “market research method”.

Google immediately returned a few keywords:

  • How to research online market
  • How to research the market on the internet
  • How to research the market with google
  • Good market research
  • How to research marketing

Google immediately provides 5 keywords that we can use on our website.

How to Determine Keywords for SEO?

Our steps continue. This is where I use Jaaxy. Jaaxy helps me to see if the keywords I’m working on are worth pursuing or not.

Good standards for keywords are :

  • These keywords have high enough traffic
  • That keyword has quite a number of competitors
  • Those keywords make sense

High traffic is a sign that this keyword is being searched for by many people. The higher the traffic, the better this keyword is used. This shows the possible number of people who can visit our website.

Enough competitors. Competition tells us that this keyword is being used by another website. Too high competition should be avoided. Likewise if there is no competition. If there is no competition, it means that our keywords are not used. Maybe we got the wrong password.

People who use keywords. People, in general, always use keywords that make sense. They are looking for information with correct sentences, spelling, and grammar.

People might make a typo but Google will make improvements in displaying the results. This shows that if we make a typing error, Google will not display our website. This is a big disaster.

How To Use Jaaxy To Find And Do Keyword Research For SEO

Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool. You can learn more about Jaaxy here.

The features provided are very simple but very powerful. You just have to type in the keywords you want to research, Jaaxy will do the rest.

Jaaxy will provide a huge list of keywords. The keywords you type will be at the top. The rest are recommendations found by Jaaxy.

You can save search results for later use or for making comparisons.

You can also research your website’s position in search engines. SiteRank will tell us the position of the keywords we use. Like the example below. I did a screenshot of the results from Jaaxy for the keyword “online business scam”. Jaaxy gave me the result that I was on page 2 with a position of 15. This is good enough for now.

Another feature is Search Analysis. This feature is what makes Jaaxy so good. You can analyze the existing competition. Just type in the keywords you want to know, select “search engine”, and Jaaxy will display the results.

How to View Your Opponent’s Keyword Competition

Jaaxy provides all the essential SEO features. SEO used by your competitors. Jaaxy checks where keywords are used:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Jaaxy also checks how “serious” your competitor is. It gives you information on:
  • Word count
  • Links on site
  • Alexa rank
  • Keyword density
  • Backlinks


How to Use Keywords in Content

We can learn how to use keywords from the results provided by Jaaxy. These are the things that ensure your keywords will produce the best results.

URL. Make sure the keywords are in the URL.

Page Title. Make sure the keywords are in the HTML Title tag. Mention keywords at the beginning of your post.

Page Description. People often forget the HTML meta description when writing articles.

Use H1 and H2 (or H3 or H4). Search engines love headings and subheadings.

In your links. This will help search engines find related content.

In all pictures. Use alt text. Make sure you enter the keywords here.

How To Use Incorrect Keywords

I’m sure you already have a variety of new ideas to improve your SEO. But I have to warn you. DO NOT put keywords all over the place.

The main rules you should remember and shouldn’t break are: Make the content easy to read.

Forcing keywords will make your article feel awkward. You yourself will get bored if you read one sentence that is repeated over and over again. It’s more pronounced if you write for search engines rather than for people. People really like diversity and authenticity. Write for people.

Try the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

It’s easy to use keywords for SEO. You just need to use a keyword research tool like Jaaxy. Your website needs the correct keywords.

Are you using a keyword research tool? What keyword research tools do you use? Share your experience with us!

2. Target Long Tail Keywords

When doing keyword research, you will find two types of keywords, namely short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are keywords that consist of one to two words. For example, keywords such as “create a blog” or “example blog”.

Short tail keywords tend to have high search volume, but with high competition as well. To win the competition on short tail keywords is usually more difficult because almost all websites target them.

Before winning the tough competition on short tail keywords, you can target long tail keywords first. Long tail keywords are keywords that consist of more than three words. For example, “how to create a website with WordPress” or “how to create an online store”.

These types of keywords usually have lower search volume than short tail keywords, but they tend to be less competitive. You can start targeting high rankings in long tail keywords first before competing on short tail keywords.

3.  Use LSI Keywords

From keyword research you will get lots of keywords for your article idea. However, often keyword research tools provide rigid keywords with limited variations. The system used by keyword research tools usually homogenizes several similar keywords into one keyword. As a result, the variety of keywords is limited.

Even though not everyone uses the exact same keywords when searching for a topic. People use a wide variety of keywords to search for specific topics. You need to know variations of these keywords so that your article becomes more human.

You can find a wide variety of keyword variations using LSI Keywords. LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI Keyword is a collection of keywords that are found on a particular topic and are related semantically. To find variations of these keywords, you can use services such as LSIGraph or LSIKeywords.

4.  Write Complete Articles

What is the average length of the articles that you have published? 500 words or even just 300 words? If the articles you write are still around that number, you should start increasing the number of words in each of your articles.

The length of your article is one of the factors that Google evaluates in determining ranking in search results. Google considers long articles to be complete articles and can answer searchers’ questions.

How long should you write in order to be liked by Google? Based on Backlink.io analysis, the average length of blog articles that appear on the first page of Google search results is 1890 words. So keep the length of your blog article around that number.

Even so, you also have to adjust the length of your blog article to the context you write. For example, the topic of a recipe for making fried rice only takes 800 words to describe it completely. Will you still be able to get to the top of the search results? Yes, as long as your article is more complete than your competitors’ articles. So make sure to research competitors first before writing articles.

5.  Write a Catchy Title

The title is the element of the article that people see first in search results. According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people admit to reading a title before clicking on an article from search results. However, only 2 in 10 people actually read the articles it opened.

Therefore, you must create an attractive article title so that searchers on Google will notice it. There are many methods of writing titles that you can apply. First, use numbers and lists. People really like titles with numbers and listicles (list articles). For example, in the title of this article I used the title 20 Surefire Ways to Increase Website Traffic Up to 2X.

Second, state clearly what you discuss in the article. For example, the topic you will discuss is what a blog is about. Write a clear title such as Understanding Blogs and Types, Functions, and Examples. That way potential blog readers can find out at a glance what they will get from your article.

Third, put strong adjectives in the title. Many adjectives can be used for titles depending on the topic to be covered. For example, because this article aims to guide readers to increase website traffic, I use the adjective “telling”. This means that readers will get really effective tips from this article. You can use best, potent, effective, or any other adjective.

6.  Add Interesting Visuals

Long articles are not enough. You also have to be creative in processing your content to be interesting and not boring for readers. If only faced with writing, of course readers will get bored and immediately leave your website or blog.

The number of website visitors who immediately leave the website or blog is known as the bounce rate. Bounce rate is also a factor in Google’s assessment of its search results. A high bounce rate means that your content is not helping your readers enough. As a result, website ranking decreases in search results and traffic decreases.

This problem can be overcome by adding interesting visuals in your blog articles such as infographics, photos, or illustration images. Interesting visuals not only make visitors feel more comfortable reading, but also help them understand the content you write.

7.  Add Video to Articles

To be able to compete with competitors, you are required to write articles about 1900 words long. On the other hand, reading long articles is also hard work for website visitors.

If adding interesting infographics or illustrations isn’t effective enough to help blog readers last longer, you can add videos. Videos are the most effective way to make website visitors feel at home reading your long articles.

The more comfortable website visitors feel at reading your articles, the better your SEO quality is in Google’s assessment. Articles with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than articles without videos.

8.  Increase Website Speed

Website and blog visitors can’t wait for the loading page. According to Google’s research, 53 percent of I internet users leave websites that load longer than 3 seconds. This means that if your website loads more than 3 seconds, it is more likely to be left by visitors which results in a high bounce rate.

As mentioned in the previous point, a high bounce rate can lower the ranking of your website or blog in search results. Therefore, increasing the speed of your website and blog is a must.

9.  Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Fast website loading is not enough. You also need to make sure your website is responsive on all devices, both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, internet users now access the internet more via mobile devices. Based on Google’s research, 94 percent of internet users access the internet via mobile devices.

You can also easily create a mobile friendly WordPress website using the help of plugins. Choose one of the best mobile friendly plugins from our recommended 8 best mobile WordPress plugins.

10.Take Advantage of Internal Links

Internal links are links from one page to another on the same website. Even though it sounds trivial, internal links help search engines understand the context and relationships between the pages on your website. Through internal links, search engines will also find out which pages are the most important on your website. So try to create content that can be linked to each other so that you can create neat internal links.

11.Do a Guest Post

Guest post is writing articles to be published on other people’s blogs. In guest posting, you need to be careful when choosing the blog or website that will publish your article. Choose a blog or website whose traffic is higher than yours. You can publish guest post articles on online media or influential bloggers in your industry.

Guest post goes both ways. First, you publish articles on online media websites or influencer blogs. In the article you put a link to your blog or website. Second, you can also invite influential bloggers to write articles on your website or blog. The blogger will certainly share the link to the article he made on your blog on his social media. That way your website or blog will be flooded with traffic from these blogger followers.

12. Be Active in the Online Community

Usually people with the same job have a special community or forum on social media such as Facebook, Kaskus, or Whatsapp. Likewise with bloggers, internet marketers, and online business people.

You can join several online communities according to the website that you manage. There are many online communities for SMEs, internet marketers, and bloggers. Choose one or more communities that suit you. Apart from getting new connections, you can also promote the website that you manage.

13. Add Social Media Share Buttons

Of course everyone wants their blog articles to be shared by many people. If possible, the article will go viral on social media. The more viral on social media, the higher the traffic it will get.

In order for more readers to share blog articles on social media, you must make it easier to share social media on your website. One way is to add a share button in all your blog articles.

There are various choices of social media share buttons that you can use. The features offered by each plugin also vary. Some only provide social media share button features. There are also those that provide a complete package from social media share buttons to social media icons. Get more complete information in the article 30 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins.

14. Update Old Content

After producing lots of content for your blog, don’t forget to evaluate the content. Content evaluation is important to know the performance of each content that you have published.

Through content evaluation, you will find content that has not generated significant website traffic. Do you need to remove this content? Of course not. All you need to do is fix it.

To evaluate content and determine which content needs improvement, you need the help of Google Search Console. With Google Search Console, you can find out what keywords are filtered on each page of your website.

15.Relaunch Updated Content

Updating old content is not enough just by editing content through WordPress. After republishing old content, you also need to share it again on social media. You need to let your readers know that you recently updated the content. You can add the year or the words “Updated” in the title of your latest content.

16.Send Marketing Emails

Don’t underestimate your email marketing skills. Although many find email marketing distracting, this method is quite effective at bringing in traffic. In fact, a study from McKinsey has proven that email marketing is 40 times more effective at bringing in traffic than Facebook and Twitter. Follow this email marketing guide to increase the traffic of your website.

17.Take Advantage of the Medium

Sharing content on social media is not enough. There is one more platform that you deserve to use to share content, namely Medium. Medium allows you to republish (republish) content on your blog using the import feature.

With the import feature, Medium will republish your blog content on its platform and provide a canonical link. Canonical link serves to tell search engines that two similar or identical content as the same URL so that it will not harm your SEO reputation.

In addition to the import feature, you can also publish new content related to your website on Medium and put a link to one of the content on your blog. Even though you only contribute no-follow links, the second way is still worth trying to promote your blog or website.

18. Use Paid Search

Website traffic is not only imported from Google’s organic search. You can also bring in high traffic from paid search. Paid search is a feature to display your website pages as advertisements on Google search results for certain keywords that are relevant to your business.

Every search engine has a paid search feature. Because Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, I recommend using Google’s paid search feature, namely Google Ads.

Google Ads allows you to target a specific audience for your ad. You can narrow or expand the reach of ads based on location, age, gender, and interests. For more details, learn how to use Google Ads in the article How to use Google Adwords.

19.Competitor Research with Jaaxy

In any competition, watching your opponent’s movements is an important step. Likewise in competitions to win first place in search results. You have to keep an eye on the movements of the competitors in your industry.

One of the competitor research tools that you can use is Ahrefs. Ahrefs provides a Site Explorer feature that allows you to check the performance of a site. Site Explorer will provide reports on backlink quality, domain quality, keywords used, to the quality of organic traffic from a site. You can check the keyword reports that are filtered on your competitors’ websites and choose keywords that you can use.

20.Fix SEO On Page and Off Page

You can indeed get traffic from social media, but traffic from organic search remains a priority. In order to secure traffic from organic search, your website must have good SEO quality.

SEO itself is divided into two, namely on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is an optimization step applied to content published on a website or blog page. On page SEO includes the title, URL & permalink, article content, headings, and the media in the article. You can learn how to optimize on page SEO by reading the article How to Optimize On Page SEO.

Apart from optimizing the important elements on your website or blog, you also need to perform outside optimization which is also known as off page SEO. In on-page SEO that you optimize are elements on the website such as URL, title, headings, and so on.

In contrast to on-page SEO, on off page SEO that you will optimize are elements outside the website that affect ranking in search results. Some elements outside the website that affect website ranking in search results are backlinks and shares on social media. You can read a more complete explanation in the article How to Optimize Off Page SEO.

Increasing website traffic does take a lot of effort and is not easy. However, not easy does not mean impossible. You can apply the methods above to increase your website traffic many times over. However, you must also understand that the methods above do not generate traffic overnight. You have to practice them one by one consistently and you will get them for a long time.

How can you Making Money online From Affiliate Marketing

You can start creating a new website for example about your hobby for hiking. Here you can provide tips and historical facts about the hiking trails you love.

Furthermore, you can recommend boots that are suitable and comfortable for hiking, backpacks, hiking pants and other similar items. Don’t forget to place your affiliate link in the articles you write so that you will get a commission from each sale.

This is how affiliate marketing works and you can do the same with regards to your other interests and hobbies. Even though it’s easy, there are a few things you need to learn more about so that you can succeed.

Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is an international online business community, will give you everything you need to achieve online success except your own time and hard work to achieve your goals.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, it may seem difficult. But don’t worry because the training in WA is easy to follow and apply even for a beginner who doesn’t have computer skills so that it can be successful. The way to earn money via the internet is easy and WA members have an extra advantage.

The advantage is not only in terms of training that is easy to follow, but also in the assistance and support of the entire community. When I started 2020, I needed that help to help me be successful. Now that I can make money, I want to help my friends here.

I do this by answering questions, providing suggestions, helping to find money-generating keywords, providing ideas for profitable niches, and providing free training like I do on my website. That way I can support the community that has helped me.

If you are interested in joining the largest online business community in the world, please join the Wealthy Affiliate and register as a member and create a FREE Beginner account. You will not find training and assistance and support like that provided in WA. Even I will help you.

You may have received a spam email that goes something like this: “Working from home generates thousands of dollars per month”. Or even funnier, I once got an email that a prince from one of the countries in Africa wanted to deposit millions of dollars with me. As a result, almost all of them are hoaxes!

These emails give a negative perception for me to start an online business.

One day when I was thinking of looking for a new business, my wife recommended me to look into an online business. Since I was also having trouble finding other ideas, I agreed to find out more.

I spent hours and days on the internet looking for proven online business opportunities.

To the point that I almost joined one of the programs created by a guy named Jeremy Page about multi level marketing. My heart tells me there is something wrong with this program because I have to make a phone call to get started.

 After I examined it more deeply, it turned out that someone told me that the program cost thousands of dollars to start. I also received an email that now they even offer installments…. Because of that, I didn’t join.

When I read posts about how to earn money online, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. At first I was hesitant to join so I decided to look for as much information as possible.

I was quite surprised because I found many positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. Then because Wealthy Affiliate offers its program for FREE just by entering an email address without needing to provide credit card and other financial information, I decided to give it a try. After all, I have nothing to lose! If I don’t like it, I don’t have to do anything.

Wealthy Affiliate unexpectedly made a great first impression on me! The first day I joined, I received a lot of welcome from the other members. I thought these must be automated messages sent to me but after I replied to the messages, I got a reply back from them including Kyle (founder of Wealthy Affiliate). I feel like I have a genuine community to help me learn affiliate business.

The FREE training given to every beginner opened my eyes to the potential of the affiliate business in proven ways to generate the side income I wanted. Because of that, I decided to join as a premium member to get all the facilities in Wealthy Affiliate.

What you get from FREE and PREMIUM accounts

I basically like programs where I can try something out without spending a dime. Then when I am happy with the item or program, I just want to buy it. Wealthy Affiliate dares to provide free access to everyone who joins because they believe in a high quality program with all the features and tools that are difficult for other companies to imitate.

Here is what you get with a Wealthy Affiliate FREE account:

  • Direct Help for the first 7 days (Live Help)
  • Access To Make Website Free
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Access To Create Personal Affiliate Blogs (Personal Affiliate Blog)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Training to Become an Affiliate – Stage 1 (Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1)
  • Access To Watch Introductory Videos (Video Walk-Throughs)
  • Access to Keyword Research 30 times (Keyword Research Tool – 30 searches)
  • Access to 2 Training Classrooms
  • Access To Join Affiliate Program
  • Making Money During the Training Period (Earn While You Learn)
  • Analytic For The First 7 Days

Can someone start and run an affiliate business just by having a free Wealthy Affiliate account? I think I can but I don’t recommend it. It is like a person who wants to build a house with only a hammer and nails. Can that person build it? Well it could be but it will take a long time.

To be honest, this free account was created as an introduction and an effective way for people to judge whether the Wealthy Affiliate program is truly quality and trustworthy. You can get a feel for yourself whether the Wealthy Affiliate membership fee is worth what you get or not. As a reference, on average 1 in 8 people who join eventually become premium members.

How Can You Success Mastering Social Engagement

The best way to use Facebook or any other platform as a social media marketing tool is to create a Facebook Fanpage. But fans don’t just show up, users have to click the ‘LIKE’ button at the top of your Facebook.

Everyone today wants to have more fans but it’s not easy. Find out how to effectively increase the number of fans on your Facebook page.

10 Ways Increase Social Media Engagement Organically

1. Embed Facebook Fan Box on your Blog / Website

This is the most common method of increasing the number of fans on a Facebook page.

“The Facebook Fan Box” is actually an application on Facebook whose code can be copied from there and easy to insert into your blog / website.

The Facebook Fan Box design is very attractive; It has a ‘LIKE’ button at the top and can be optimized or even better designed to increase the likelihood of blog / website visitors becoming fans of your Facebook page.

2. Use “Facebook Ads”

This method is a fairly effective one because you can precisely set your target audience so that it has a great chance of being seen.

Ads for Facebook fan pages are very easy to do using the Facebook “Advertising Wizard” which can be accessed by clicking on the “advertising” section on the Facebook menu.

When you are creating your ad, try to include some information that will catch the reader’s attention. No need to think of new ways, just ATM (Observe, Imitate, Modify) some of the existing Facebook ads and see the number of their fans.

By comparing these references, you will get an insight into something that is more effective or even the best ideas come from existing ads.

3. Tag pages on every update

When you update your Facebook page status or post something and add a description, you can tag your fan page in that status too.

In order to do so, you must have already clicked on like the Facebook page and the page must be from the same niche.

Try to mention them in a creative post and type in something that also gives fans a good impression of them.

The reason behind this is that when you update the status, mention them in it, the update will appear on the wall. If the update is spam or offends them, they may remove your post from their wall. If the post is still around, then millions of fans will assume that the page is probably from the same niche, which will make them your fans too.

4. Mention “Follow Me On Facebook” anywhere

This is one of the simplest and most effective methods of increasing the number of fans on a Facebook page. When writing a new blog post, you must add a clickable link at the end of the post, then ask readers to become fans of your blog / website on Facebook.

This can be done either by editing the blog / website theme or with the help of the Social Bookmarking Plugin, which will help you insert a link that will appear at the end of each post automatically.

5. Post creative content on a regular basis

This is a very important point and you have to be careful to get more fans, and also not lose the existing fans.

When posting good and creative content on a blog, visitors after reading it will like it (“like”).

The posts on their Facebook wall can be seen by their friends and they can become your fans too.

Today’s fans can also share posts, which will add a ‘via-your-fan-page-name’ to their wall, and see that their friends will think of you as as trustworthy and creative as in the post, and they will become your fans too.

6. Exchanging “likes” with other page admins

This step could be the first after creating your own Facebook page. Start looking for Facebook pages in your niche that have a lot of fans. When you’re done creating a list, contact their admin and talk about their posts on their Facebook page and whether they’ll be willing to do the same for you.

Link exchanges don’t literally mean putting their link on a part of the Facebook page, because it won’t even be visible to your fans.

The process for doing this is by changing your identity, from your Personal Facebook Profile, to your Facebook page.

This will automatically place their name in the left hand panel of your Facebook page, under ‘LIKES’. If they do, your Facebook fans will appear on that page too.

7. Use Facebook as a fan page

Indeed, every new change can bring something bad and something good, and the good thing about a new change is changing the identity of your personal profile for Facebook.

This option is available on the Facebook page, top right. When you click on “use Facebook as’ your-fan-page-name”, you start using Facebook as a fan page.

This option will be very useful in increasing traffic to your Facebook page, which fans may also become. When you start using Facebook as a fan page, you can comment on their photo links, status, and videos.

8. Create a contest on your Blog / Website

You can run contests and offer prizes on your blog / website and the requirements for entering the contest, contestants must be fans of your Facebook page.

This method is used by many blogs and has turned out to be a great way to increase the number of Facebook fans.

It is very easy and there are many applications on Facebook to help you do this.

Then whenever you update your status, post a photo, link, make a note or create a new Facebook event, the tweet will be sent by your Twitter profile automatically to let your followers know what’s going on on your Facebook.

10. Mention your Facebook page on your personal profile

If you have friends who are interested in your Facebook page, of course they will already like your page based on their own observations, but that rarely happens if it’s done via ‘Suggest to Friends’ on your page. Thus, you can place a link to your Facebook page on your personal Facebook profile.

Over time, now affiliate businesses can be run not only through personal websites. Now this business can be run through various social media. One of the most effective social media for promoting affiliate products is Facebook.

Take advantage of Facebook for the success of Wealthy Affiliate

For those of you who don’t have a personal website, don’t think that doing affiliate business is impossible. Now you can take advantage of a Facebook account to drive this business with a wider network than a personal website. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media can be used as a very effective affiliate promotion medium. Here are some ways to promote affiliate on Facebook that are very easy to do and the results are quick:

Use the ebook as a promotional medium then share it via Facebook

In order to survive in the very tight competition of affiliates, use more attractive promotional media such as ebooks and then share them with friends who are on Facebook. Please package your product promotion as unique as possible before being distributed to all contacts.

Take advantage of the Facebook ads feature

The Facebook ads feature can also be used as a way to market affiliate products. Create a landing page that can be used as a promotional media for an affiliate product and then promote it through Facebook ads. Landing pages are special pages for affiliate product offerings. Facebook Ads is the most appropriate program for promoting landing pages, because affiliates on Facebook cannot market affiliate links directly. Come up with reviews and product offers on your affiliate business while adhering to the Facebook advertising rules. The key to this second method is the right target market.

Show status that contains educational value first before marketing products to your affiliate business.

Many people will listen to a status that contains meaning and benefit about something and will eventually be shared more widely. Use this golden opportunity by sharing status with educational value so that it can grab the attention of many people. This way of marketing affiliate products is considered very effective.

For example, the product that you are marketing is a toy for toddlers, so give it a status that contains a review of tips for choosing toys that are safe and appropriate for the baby’s age so that they can develop the child’s abilities according to their age stages. Only after that link the promotional sentence as efficiently as possible at the end of the status. After that, insert your affiliate link, so we can be sure that many people are more interested in the product being marketed.

Those are some reviews about using Facebook as a means of affiliate business other than through the website. This method is no less easy and also very effective in bringing buyers to the affiliate link.

How can Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Writing quality and interesting content is an option. You can choose to allocate the time needed to work on creating quality content and building a good brand. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write makeshift content, choices that end up costing you because it will only waste time and energy.

The choice for content marketers is clear. To improve your SEO rankings, get traffic and leads, you need to create attractive and quality content for your blog or website.

When you write original content, the search engines will help your site get more exposure. Google doesn’t like it and will penalize sites with duplicate content. On the other hand, Google wants to reward high quality sites that contain original content. So attractive content not only makes your website better, it also increases your site’s ranking, which can have a very positive impact on your business.

Whatever your reasons for having a website, be it for business or personal hobbies, it is very important to run it properly. In this article, we will describe some tips for developing quality content.

Create Original Content

As mentioned above, original content goes hand in hand with Google and your visitors to your site. Plagiarizing other people’s content will result in penalties from Google that can get you back to square one. Learn more about writing content to increase site rankings.

Original also means originality of an idea. Your idea must be original. Using the same concept or post over and over again is not original. When your content is published, no one will link to it, and this means that it violates the purpose of writing the content in the first place.

Focus on Creating a Strong Headline

Good headlines generate interest and invite readers. Consider the following statistics:

• 80 percent of people will read your headlines

• But only 20 percent of these people will read your entire content.

This is what makes your headline as important as the article itself.

15 Best Steps to Achieve Content Marketing Success

Make a Useful Keyword

What is the ultimate goal of search engines? Your answer is correct if you say “To provide multiple answers.” Google is good at this. Type a question on Google and you will be presented with links, images and videos.

When people use search engines, all they want are answers, and it is the search engine’s job to provide answers. Likewise, when people read a blog post, view an infographic, or watch a video, they want answers to gain insight. One important tip for you, people don’t just want answers, they want answers quickly. So make your content easy to read so people can grasp the important parts quickly.

Try reading the titles or subtitles of non-fiction books or articles. Readers will be made to wonder or feel curious. It is the author’s job to provide answers and present supporting information.

Do Your Keyword Research with Jaaxy

If you want to be in a business, of course you have to do market research. Market research conducted in the world of online marketing is by doing Keyword Research.

I myself just got to know keywords when I got into the world of Internet Marketing. Keywords are keywords that are searched for by search engines like Google, Yahoo !, and Bing. Keywords that determine your ranking on search pages.

You certainly want your website to be on the first page and in the top 3 positions. This will be easier to do if you know what keywords are required for the top position.

Why Need a Keyword Research Tool?

How do we know which word to use? I asked him that many times. I don’t want my keywords to face fierce competition. I don’t want my website on Google’s “middle of nowhere” page, on page 3 and above. Google can generate searches in the millions. Who will see my website on millions pages?

I finally realized that I needed a keyword tool. Tool that helps me to make easy keyword search. I tried a variety of keyword research tools. The results were very disappointing.

Here are some indicators of useless keyword research tools:

• Must be installed

• Provide a PPC “estimate”

• Using Alexa as a key in determining the competitive map.

• Use multiple quests to complete a single task.

• Does not pull data from ALL search engines.

• I’m really desperate! Until finally I found Jaaxy.

• Why is Jaaxy the Best?

When I was getting frustrated with various keyword research tools, I met Kyle and Carson. They are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate. They also experience the same frustration. Because of the same frustration, they discovered the Jaaxy program is very reliable and effective for key word search.

Jaaxy designed according to peoples necessity and Kyle and Carson’s faith on it also GS Profit found this is very effective for search keywords as we needs. They are the leaders in the affiliate marketing world and use this keyword research tool very often. They need a tool that can quickly answer their needs. So Jaaxy is made by users for user needs.

Let’s Meet Jaaxy Enterprise

When I search for keywords, I only need 3 metrics (size):

• How much competition is faced by these keywords

• How much traffic these keywords get

• Whether the keywords make sense. (for example: how to make a website vs how to make a website)

The latter based on common sense, the first two metrics provided by Jaaxy Enterprise. Highly ACCURATE metrics data. No other keyword tool can do that efficiently. Keywords or keywords that have low competition and have a good amount of traffic are keywords that are SEO ready. If you find one, you can easily master the search engines. It is enough to create content or videos that are relevant to these keywords.

Sounds easy right? Of course it’s easy, IF you have the data.

Finding “Gold” Keywords Made Easy

The main fear of people running an online business is the giant business that already existed before. That’s why people have to find a specific niche. Niche that allows us to gain money well. Just enough competition but not fierce.

You can see that Jaaxy immediately gave excellent results from the keywords I entered. The results gave me enough “keywords” to make content sustainable and rank well in Google.

Finding the Best Domain

You will be amazed at how many domain names are available. Jaaxy Enterprise will provide the Exact Match Domain that matches your search. 90 domain names available in one search. Many!

Jaaxy will focus on .com, .net, and .org. Because these three extensions are the favorites of many people and search engines.

Choose Jaaxy Package

Jaaxy provides 3 optional packages:

• Jaaxy Starter

• Jaaxy Pro

• Jaaxy Enterprise

Jaaxy Starter is suitable for those who want to try Jaaxy’s amazing features. Jaaxy provides 30 searches that you are free to use. That’s right. Jaaxy starter is a FREE feature!

Jaaxy Pro is suitable for those who are new to the world of online business. Jaaxy Pro has no restrictions on keyword search. In fact, the search speed is 2x faster than the Jaaxy Starter. The price of the Jaaxy Pro subscription package is USD19 per month.

Jaaxy Enterprise is the pinnacle. You can search for keywords at 5x faster speed. Instant domain availability feature. You can open up to 5 search pages at the same time. The search for competition levels is also instantaneous.

Accurate for Reporting and Retrieving Information

You write an article for a company blog, hundreds of people read it but it turns out that what you wrote is inaccurate. You can imagine the negative impact on your company and your personal reputation. Remember, your blog is a reflection of your company. If there is a problem with your blog, it will have an impact on how people see your product.

Every statistic that you display must be verified. Many blog posts will provide links to their statistics and sources.

Accuracy builds readers’ trust. Here are some tips in this regard:

Consider who you link to. Is it a trusted and authoritative source? Providing links to quality websites will build more trust from your readers.

Provide links to more content. The more you support what you write, the more reliable your content will become.

Create links to other sources and content to help search engines know what your content is, and how it should be categorized.

Create Engaging Content

Engaging content offers something new, new perspectives, knowledge, something useful, inspiring, or entertaining. Engaging content gives readers something they’ve never seen before. Read our article on the secrets of keywords to rank on Google.

Here are some tips to help you write engaging content:

Make the reader wonder. This does not mean creating an unfinished post, but includes questions that make readers reflect on how they can implement the knowledge you provide.

Impressive introduction section. Want to know how quickly people make judgments about a blog post? Most people probably only need to read the first few sentences to decide a post is worth reading. Tell readers why they need to stay on your content and tell what you will cover in this blog post. Make them want to read it.

People love stories. You can use anecdotes in the introduction or the story section of a blog post. Stories can help clarify a point. If possible, add stories to your blog posts. This will make the post more engaging and also help readers learn.

If you provide content that invites a lot of comments, the search engines will consider your posts important and update them regularly. This is a great way to get search engines to come back to your site more often.

Communicate Better By Adding Images and Videos

People learn in different ways. Some people learn better by seeing, others learn better by listening. To be sure, visual enhancements make people learn better. Whether it’s a picture, a video, or a diagram, can help illustrate your point. Please open any modern book and you will find pictures used to enhance the reading experience and learning of the author. Explore more about tools for adjusting images.

Whatever you write, add pictures. Nobody wants to look at just paragraphs of text, so add an image to build or add value.

Write Short and Tapered Content

One important writing lesson is to limit errors. It’s quite challenging and takes a lot of work, but it makes your composition much better.

There is nothing better than a short blog post or article that gets to the heart of an informational issue.

So don’t focus on word counts. Longer blog posts don’t necessarily mean better posts. And often times, creating short blog posts is more difficult and takes more time than writing as much as you can.

Always update your website or blog

Starting a blog or website is a commitment. If you write a few posts and then leave this assignment, you won’t have many new readers or subscribers. Not only that, search engines also dislike sites that are not regularly updated.

If you have a blog or a website, you need to update it regularly with quality content. Many of the sites with the best content are updated regularly. Sites that post more frequently have a stronger wave of visitors.

Quality Content Findable

The content you write will be useless if no one reads it. Your content should be easy to find in at least two ways:

• From within your website. If someone is already on your site, they should be able to find your latest and greatest content.

• From outside your website. This means going through a search engine. People who don’t know you or your website should be able to find content through a Google search.

The best way to be found by search engines is to match content with relevant keywords. Then optimize the content for these keywords.

High-quality Shareable Content

There are two things that make content shareable:

People want to share it. When people find great content, they want to share it, at least include it on the Facebook timeline.

Content is easy to share. Make it easy for people to share your content.

Here are some basics about shareable content:

• Start with something really good. Do you want to share it? If you’re shy about telling your friends what you’ve posted, it means your content isn’t good enough.

• Allocate time for “framing.” This means the headlines, images, and sections that appear on Facebook. The more people who see your headline and are interested, the more likely they will click and read. This maximizes their potential to share it on their network.

• Use easy sharing tools. Use what you need to encourage readers to share your cash.

Quality Content Easy to Read (Readable)

Readability is very important for text. Good design and good writing are linked in it. From a design perspective, legible content means it’s not hard on the eye, so pay attention to the following factors:

• Text size

• Text and background color. For example, red on a black background is not a good idea.

• Column area. Too broad will lead the reader astray when moving back to the left margin

• Leading (vertical distance between lines is not too close).

• Good Content is Always Remembered (Memorable)

Great content doesn’t just keep you entertained for 2 minutes and then goes out of your mind. You always remember the content, keep you coming back to visit it, and recommend it to friends or colleagues. You can make content more memorable by making sure to answer the question, “So what?” or by creating content that doesn’t just mimic what other people have already said.

Writing quality and interesting content is not easy, but it will feel easier when you write something that you have a passion for. The great thing about content is that it is timeless. You could write something today and 3 years from now what you write is still being seen and shared by people, which brings traffic back to your site.

Create Quality Content and Trends

To create quality content, one thing you need to know is what is trending in the Google search engine. To find out this, you can find out through Google Trends.

Try going to trends.google.com, and see what’s the topic of conversation right now.

After you know the trending topics that are being discussed by the public, the next step is to choose and adjust the trends that fit your business.

Start to apply existing trends to the content to be created. For example: if the current trend is talking about the latest fidget spinner toys while your business sells electronic gadget products, then your marketing content can be in the form of articles about fidget spinner gadgets and games.

The two things that are still connected will attract interest from your target market to read the content created. The content you create will definitely be more relevant than if you create content without research trends.

Content Should Define Your Audience

Without knowing who your target audience is, what they need, and where they usually hang out, it will be impossible for you to have the opportunity to create content that truly educates, entertains, and changes the audience’s mindset. Make sure the content you create must be able to define your target audience.

Get to know more about the geographical location, occupation, income and characteristics of each audience. Position yourself as the audience and begin to understand your motivations.

For example: if your business sells gadgets, and your target audience is people aged 14-40 years who are aware of technology, then the content created must reflect current technological advances.

Your marketing content must contain the latest technology information, and the functions of the gadget being sold. Through content marketing like this, the interest of the audience will definitely increase.

So, those are the complete ways to achieve success in affiliate marketing. As you can see, there are indeed lots of things to do. But, you are about to make a huge passive income if you do those things correctly.

Good luck for being a successful marketer!

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