5 Secret Tools To Increase Website Traffic


It is a free/paid(optional) social media engagement tool or application for Facebook. The tool provides excellent social marketing tools as parts of the Webs online marketing platform. The motive of the tool is to provide users to connect online even if they don’t have any technical skills or a big budget.

Improving your Business

The application provides a step to step simplified Facebook Advertising from start to finish. Using Pagemodo, you can easily create animated ads in the intuitive designs studio. The application provides Specific tools to target a specific audience without paying a big amount of money.

  • Create a customized Facebook business page: It is very important to create a professional animated Facebook page for a successful social media business or organization. Pagemodo allows you to create a customizable page in just a few steps.
    • Create or upload an Engaging cover photo for your page.
    • Enable an attractive and Professional-looking welcome tab.
    • Be active and you are ready to start the journey in a better way.
  • Collect leads with custom tabs and contests: Having more than a billion users, social media has become an important platform to promote your website or business. Pagemodo provides you with Facebook custom pages to sell products, host contests, sweepstakes. Convert the followers into customers using Pagemodo.

How does it work?

With several tools, the application allows you to engage with your audience, improve website traffic.

Follow the steps mentioned below to start managing ads and sales using Facebook.

  • Create high-quality ads: The application allows you to create modern font texts, high-quality images, and professional designs to stand out as the best.
  • Focus on a specific audience: It is always better to target a specific audience whether you are writing or promoting your website. The pagemodo simplified tools help you in promoting the website or product to a specific group of users.

Stunning features helping in increasing site traffic

The application is full of features to promote sales using ads and marketing. Some of the effective tools present in the application are:

  • Facebook Ad scheduling
  • Reusable campaigns
  • Team tools
  • Unlimited number of followers
  • All-in-one compatible dashboard
  • Step-by-step tool
  • Professional Templates tool
  • No usage fees
  • Compatibility with mobile phones


Sniply is a paid application that is used to increase website traffic by adding Call-to-action to every link or post that you share on social media.

Using Sniply as an Individual

The Social media application provides some key features to an individual promoting his/her websites and products. The key features provided to an individual professional or blogger are:

  • Add Call-to-action to every page: Sniply provides the individual to add Call-to-action to every page or link he shares. It improves the engagement of the individual with the audience.
  • Generate links and improve drive conversion: The social media tool generates unique links to share. Users viewing your link will get a call-to-action to browse the attached content with it.
  • On-time monitoring: Sniply allows you to monitor your engagements and improvements with the audience. It monitors the track record of link-clinks, conversion rate, audience engagement, etc.

Sniply for A Company or organization

If you are an online business company or agency, Sniply provides you with some game-changing features that will boost your website traffic and revenues. The features provided to any agency or company are:

  • Add your unique message on every page

Sniply allows you to add your unique professional message on every link that you share to earned or paid social media. The users will get a call-to-action to get to know about you and your content.

  • Custom Domains and retargeting

Sniply provides a retargeting pixel feature to share links for you to build a custom audience for remarketing projects improving your engagement with the audience.

The social media application allows you to generate custom domains and ROI to check stats and results.

  • Manage multiple team members at a time

Using Sniply, manage your ads, brands with multiple team members, and profiles with the permission setting in the application. Create multiple profiles and orders for different individual clients.

Key features helping in increasing website traffic

Whether you are a desktop or mobile user, Sniply provides several key features to provide you a great experience in promoting your site or products:

  • Multiple Sniply types: Sniply comes with several options.
    • Button Snip
    • Form Snip
    • Text Snip
    • Image Snip
    • Hidden Snip
  • Multiple customizations: The application allows several customizing options that include;
    • Themes customizations
    • Colours customizations
    • Customizable positioning
    • Custom Domain
    • Shortlink customizations
    • Sniply Branding Removal customization
  • Add Excellent Data gathering: Using Sniply, you can gather and monitor your data anytime.
    • Analytics
    • Conversion pixels
    • A/B testing
  • Connections to applications: The application allows strong and stable connectivity to multiple applications.
    • Integrations
    • Extensions
    • API
  • Custom Code: The application has in-built custom codes that enable high-rate of engagement and traffic.
    • Retargeting pixel
    • Custom Tracking
    • Custom CSS
    • Custom Scripts


Tweetdeck is an under-rated social media ads sharing and promoting Dashboard tool owned by Twitter. The SEO tool enables you to monitor every action of your Twitter account from sharing ads to promoting your websites.


Tweetdeck provides key features to its users(Individuals or teams/organizations). Making it easy to use Twitter as a beneficial platform for increasing website traffic and audience gain, it provides some key features that the users love.

The features provided by Tweetdeck to Individuals or organizations are the following.

  • Create Custom columns for your customers

The application provides you to create separate columns to monitor your keyword mentions, links clicks, followers, and messages saved. The number of custom columns that can be created is unlimited.

  • How to arrange the columns?
    • Go to the drag icon and hover it to the left corner of the screen on the column you want to move.
  • Link multiple accounts to your profile

Tweetdeck provides you to link over 200 Twitter accounts using the Tweetdeck and to manage multiple accounts from one Tweetdeck dashboard without paying any fee.

  • How to link multiple accounts to Tweetdeck?
    • Head to the Accounts section on the left side of the menu.
    • Enter the user’s credentials in the add account option.
  • Scheduled tweet actions

Scheduled actions enable you to be free from some stress while working. Using this feature, your scheduled posts, updates, and link sharing will be completed automatically by the application. Tweetdeck allows you to add scheduled actions for uploading posts and adding GIFs and images. It improves your connection and engagement with the audience even if you are not present at that time.

  • Filtered search specifying your requirements

The Filtered search option present in the Tweetdeck tool helps in getting simplified search results and getting updated when new mentions are uploaded.

A short-list of Tweetdeck important parameters is the following.

  • Search term: Search all lists including a common term.
  • This or that: Search links or posts containing ‘this’ or ‘that’ or both.
  • Filter:Links: Search posts containing links only.
  • Filter:-links: Only Search posts/tweets not containing links.
  • From:@username: Search posts/tweets by a specific user.
  • -to @username: Search tweets sent to a particular user.
  • Filter:safe: Only search tweets marked as sensitive or inappropriate.
  • Filter:media: Only search content or tweets including media and images.

How does Tweetdeck help in increasing site traffic?

Containing key features and being a certified application, Tweetdeck allows you to create custom pages or columns, add links to your posts, promote your website, manage multiple clients, and monitor your actions and stats all by just sitting in your home.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush is a free keyword generating tool that generates tons of keyword ideas to increase your website traffic.

The tool provides excellent quality of keywords and consists of a result tool(Keyword magic) that is still in beta.

SEMrush keyword magic tool provides you excellent data filtration to find specific keyword ideas.

Search volume: The tool has a good standard trend graph that covers data over the past 12 months. The tool does not provide you the search volume of a keyword but displays decimal scores while 1 displays the month with the highest search volumes.

SEMrush provides consideration of the Authority of the domains that are providing the results page to evaluate the keyword difficulty. 


Ahrefs is currently the leading keyword research tool all over the world. The tool comes up with both Free and Pro(paid) versions with respect. Benefits.

Ahrefs’ keyword Generator is manufactured by clickstream data and combines its database with new keywords every month.

Benefits of Ahrefs’

The tool provides you with some stunning features that help you in generating high-density traffic to your blog or website. We have searched and created a list of top features that Ahrefs provide to its customers.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

Ahrefs’ site explorer is one of the cheapest features that it provides. It helps you in evaluating the site’s organic traffic and backlinks.

How does site explorer work?

Enter the site’s link in the search bar and get the overall SEO performance of the site.

The result shows you how many pages or backlinks the site has, how much traffic the site gets every month, and how much that traffic is worth.

Ahrefs’ organic search

The feature of Ahrefs provides you information about your Competitors and their SEO keywords.

Ahrefs find top keywords that sites rank for and evaluate how much traffic can they generate to your website. You can use the sorting and filtering option of the feature to bring out the most of it.

Ahrefs keywords explorer

As we mentioned above, Ahrefs is the leading keyword research tool of all. Ahrefs’ keyword explorer generates keywords from not only Google but also from Amazon, Bing, Youtube, and many more. On entering a seed keyword, Ahrefs keyword explorer has been proven to generate up to 1000 keyword ideas to attract high traffic to your site.

This feature shows you the results of your site search volume, site competition, CPC, CTR, SERP position history, and much more.

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