Affiliate Payload Review – Is This Affiliate Marketing Opportunity a Scam?

Are you looking for review of the Affiliate Payload system by Alex Goad? Alex has a track record of selling affiliate marketing opportunity products like the Four Tier Annihilation method and Google Payload previously. I have always followed his products and to be honest, I have not always been impressed at the originality of the information he provides. So is the Affiliate Payload a useful system for making money online or is it a waste of money?

1. What Kind of Affiliate Marketing Strategies Does Affiliate Payload Teach You?

When I started reading the strategies that Alex describes in this system, I was quite confused but excited at the same time. The strategies inside were very different from what I had always learned before. They involve the use of CPA, which is the concept of making money from generating leads rather than sales. There are a number of useful and profitable CPA sites provided in the package that helped me get started immediately.

2. Do You Need To Invest More Money To Implement The Strategies In Affiliate Payload?

One of the biggest problems I see from many affiliate marketing guides is that they will require their users to spend more money even after buying their system. Inside Affiliate Payload, there are a handful of powerful, no-cost tactics that make it really easy and low-risk to try out. I decided to try out the low-cost methods first and have so far been very impressed with the commissions that I am getting for the small amount of effort that I am putting in.

3. Why Is CPA One Of The Best Forms Of Affiliate Marketing Today?

After trying the methods inside the system, I have discovered that CPA is actually a very uncompetitive method of making money with affiliate marketing, yet it is much more profitable than using direct sales. Not many affiliates are using CPA yet, so I highly recommend affiliates to try it out.

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