Affiliate Project X Review – 6 Figure Secrets Scam?

Affiliate Project X is written by Chris McNeeny, a well-known internet marketer. He is also the author of AdWords Miracle, the AdWords guide that is considered the most revolutionary.

After using the techniques in Affiliate Project X, I was satisfied with my results from using the methods. However, I was not ecstatic because I had expected more from Affiliate Project X, one of the more expensive affiliate marketing guides. The affiliate marketing methods promoted in Affiliate Project X are definitely new and powerful, even though some of them may not be entirely ethical. A lot of hype had surrounded Affiliate Project X when it was launched, but it was not fully warranted.

Affiliate Project X mostly focuses on using new techniques and methods to make money from Google Adwords. It is definitely not the full and definitive guide to affiliate marketing, as there are many other methods not covered in Affiliate Project X. Don’t get me wrong though, the methods in Affiliate Project X are very powerful and will definitely make you money if you follow the steps. It just seems that Chris McNeeney’s guides are advanced versions of his previous of his previous guides like AdWords Miracle, thus a guide like Affiliate Project X is definitely not for you if you have no experience with internet marketing at all. Getting all his guides just to start on affiliate marketing is also not a good idea, since that would be too expensive, and there are guides that explain more aspects of affiliate marketing for a much lower cost.

For example, the product selection techniques in Affiliate Project X, that teach you how to find the right products to promote, are an advanced version of the product selection techniques in AdWords Miracle. If you have not read AdWords Miracle before, or if you have never advertised on Google AdWords before, you may find Affiliate Project X very hard to understand. Again, do not buy all his guides to fully understand them as it is not necessary.

If you have read Chris McNeeney’s guides before, Affiliate Project X will be incredible for you. Some of his techniques, like Copy The Best and The Leech, are quite revolutionary and will surprise you the first time you see it. The Leech is especially powerful because it can recoup your AdWords spending very quickly, the conversion rates are absolutely phenomenal and the return of investment on the AdWords campaigns are the highest I have ever achieved. The downside of Affiliate Project X is that the websites he requires you to setup do require more effort and time, instead of the simple direct link to the product vendor.

Seeing the effectiveness of the methods in Affiliate Project, I’m convinced that these are indeed methods that super affiliates use to make a full time income online. The methods in Affiliate Project X work great, provided you have some experience in affiliate marketing. I have no idea why super affiliates would share their powerful methods and systems with the public. But I guess the amount of money that change hands on the internet everyday is so large, and there are billions of products, that they can afford to share their techniques.

Affiliate Project X is constantly updated. Since the launch of Affiliate Project X was launched, it has been updated to version 2.01, which now includes details on how to overcome the “Google Slap” and some of the new obstacles of affiliate marketing. The best part of Affiliate Project X must be the ‘Battleplan’ videos. These videos are great to help you get started, all you have to do follow what Chris does in the videos.

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