Answer The Public To Grow Website Traffic

Answer the public is an online SEO tool that allows you to discover what the customers and users are searching for in the Google search engine, Bing, or social media platform on the Internet.

The Tool contains deep and vast information and content & keywords ideas as it contains suggested search and keywords from both Google and Bing.

After typing any word or keyword in the search bar of Answer the public tool, you will get a list containing hundreds of questions that people ask on either Google or Bing.

The plus point of the content marketing promotion tool is that it provides the search results in the form of visuals which is termed as the Search cloud which helps the marketers to understand the emotions of the users.

What is the Importance of ‘Answer the public’ Among marketers?

Marketers use Answer the public with a well-prepared strategy so that they can get the most out of it. The reasons why this tool has been a key asset to the marketers in increasing website traffic are noted down below.

It helps you know your audience needs

The tool collects out all the keywords searched on Either Google or Bing and helps you to understand what the users require from a niche.

Get more organic traffic

Use the specified keywords from all over Google and Bing to get an idea about keywords to focus to attract a targeted audience.

Benefits of ‘Answer the Public’

The content marketing tool comes up with several key features that enhance your marketing strategy, audience reach, website traffic, and revenue.

Specify keyword research

Observe and collect the frequently asked and unsolved questions asked by users on your product and note down the important keywords and use them as your assets to gain good website traffic.

Use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and pagemodo to get great keyword ideas and monthly search volumes.

Note down the selected keywords and queries that you are going to answer to the audience using generic or long-tail keywords.

Note: Long-take keywords attract quality viewers or traffic leading to a long-time conversion.

Long-tail keywords optimization

Using Long-tail keywords is a great strategy for both newbie and experienced blog writers.

What are the Long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are three-four phrases which are used to specify the information of the product you are selling. Any user on the internet searching for any keyword is more likely on the title that shows specification to that product.

Why long-tail keywords?

For newbies bloggers, Long-tail keywords decrease the competition leading to better progression.

For established bloggers, Long-tail keywords help in attracting a specific audience.

How to use Answer the Public with Long-tail keywords?

Select a niche or topic that you want to cover and enter the topic in the search bar of the Answer the Public tool. The tool will generate a specified list of keywords and questions asked by the users helping you in writing better keywords for better website traffic.

Using the Answer to Public tool, you can directly implement the search queries into your article.

Articles in Google’s Featured Snippets

Articles directed to Google’s Featured Snippets probably attract most of the audience searching for that keyword or Topic.

What are Google’s Snippets?

When you search any keyword or topic in the search bar of Google, sometimes it tries to provide you information about the topic directly on the first page that is attached to a website. The tool providing you direct information without visiting a website is called Google’s Snippets.

How to get featured in Google’s snippets?

The very first step to getting your content featured in Google’s snippets is to craft your content into a list.

Be specific in every step of your list conveying accurate meaning.

Create your content using both generic and long-tail keywords.

Benefits of Google’s snippets?

Once your content is featured in Google’s snippets, it will be displayed as the recommended site from Google on the top of the list. It’s like suggesting you as an expert on the niche.

Role of Answer the Public in getting your content featured in Google’s snippets

Using Answer the Public you can generate high-demanded keywords that will help you in writing exactly what the audience needs and in getting high-traffic and revenue to your website.

Improve conversion of the audience using the Answer the public tool

After being sure that what the public demands and what are the focused keywords you can cover, you can create articles, blogs, and posts regarding the niche or topic.

Things to keep in mind while writing an article for your website

Use relevant and specific keywords generated by the Answer the public tool to rank your website higher in Google or Bing.

Try to answer the questions asked in a specific way. If you stick to the question and provide relevant details about it, it will attract the attention of the readers and improve your conversion rate from the audience to followers.

Your content must provide the following to gain the positive attention of the people;

An understandable solution for the questions asked.

Relevant detail of the topic you provide.

Presentable testimonials.

A good content structure for better readability.

Understand your audience needs

Probably, it is the most important feature that the ‘Answer the public’ tool provides. It is most important to understand what your audience needs before drafting any content or blog. Knowing what the public requires, it is easy for you to design the content in a better way.

You can use the tool to look for brief marketing research and interesting topics and competitors while starting any work with a client.

How to use Answer the public to increase website traffic?

Please note that Answer the public is not an all in one keyword generating tool.

The tool is very useful in discovering great keyword ideas from collecting question queries entered in Google or Bing by people.

We are providing you some key pointers to explain to you how the tool works.

If you are working on the default visual format representation, it will be hard for you to understand the function of the tool. So the preferred format of the tool is the Read format by selecting the Data format.

The tool will generate tables with different values that are easy to understand.

After entering a topic you will find hundreds of questions asked by the users all over the internet.

Note down important questions and specify them according to the potential they have to attract more traffic and generate more conversions.

How to find potential questions to generate more traffic?

Search for a topic and note down the question having prepositions that include can, to, in, for, is, near, with, by, etc and Some other words such as verses, or, like, as, etc. Questions including these prepositions have been proven to generate more traffic than other ones.

Answer the public tool is available in two versions

As you have predicted, one is free and the other is the Pro version that is paid.

The free version of the tool provides you with limited daily searches and some great content ideas.

With the Pro version of the tool by paying $99/month, you’ll get unlimited daily searches with a number of great content ideas and some additional key features.

  • Using the Pro(paid) version of the tool, you’ll get a data comparison and some key suggestions.
  • You will be able to get location & language-based results.
  • The tool will provide you High-quality images.
  • Prioritized custom care for you.
  • The option to save reports for future or backup.
  • An unlimited number of team members.

Similar tools like Answer the public

There are some good competitors of Answer the public tool that motivate it to improve itself day-by-day. We have searched and made a list of the top- 5 competitors of Answer the public.


It is a paid tool that provides software as a service(SaaS) feature to over 46000 users for marketing automation. The tool is developed by Act-on, a company formed in Portland, Oregon. The tool is mostly used by medium-sized businesses.

Act-on provides features for email marketing, landing pages, social media prospecting, CRM integration, webinar management, analytics, and many more.

Act-on contains several Sub-Tools that provide multiple benefits to the audience and help them in getting their work done without doing much work manually. The important Sub-tools that Act-on provides are provided below.

  • Twitter prospector tool: It automates the publishing of content on Twitter
  • Insight tool: It compares your company’s marketing performance to the competitors.
  • Hot prospect tool: Creates a dashboard you can use to manage sales.
  • SEMrush

SEMrush is a free keyword generating tool that generates tons of keyword ideas to increase your website traffic.

The tool provides excellent quality of keywords and consists of a result tool(Keyword magic) that is still in beta.

SEMrush keyword magic tool provides you excellent data filtration to find specific keyword ideas.

Search volume: The tool has a good standard trend graph that covers data over the past 12 months. The tool does not provide you the search volume of a keyword but displays decimal scores while 1 displays the month with the highest search volumes.

SEMrush provides consideration of the Authority of the domains that are providing the results page to evaluate the keyword difficulty. 

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is currently the leading keyword research tool all over the world. The tool comes up with both Free and Pro(paid) versions with respect. Benefits.

Ahrefs’ keyword Generator is manufactured by clickstream data and combines its database with new keywords every month.


Ahrefs find top keywords that sites rank for and evaluate how much traffic can they generate to your website. You can use the sorting and filtering option of the feature to bring out the most of it.

Ahrefs is the leading keyword research tool of all. Ahrefs’ keyword explorer generates keywords from not only Google but also from Amazon, Bing, Youtube, and many more.

Ahrefs shows you the results of your site search volume, site competition, CPC, CTR, SERP position history, and much more.

  • Pagemodo

It is a free/paid(optional) social media engagement tool or application for Facebook. The tool provides excellent social marketing tools as parts of the Webs online marketing platform. The motive of the tool is to provide users to connect online even if they don’t have any technical skills or a big budget.


The application provides a step to step simplified Facebook Advertising from start to finish. Using Pagemodo, you can easily create animated ads in the intuitive designs studio. The application provides Specific tools to target a specific audience without paying a big amount of money.

  • Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is an under-rated social media ads sharing and promoting Dashboard tool owned by Twitter. The SEO tool enables you to monitor every action of your Twitter account from sharing ads to promoting your websites.


  • Create Custom columns for your customers

The application provides you to create separate columns to monitor your keyword mentions, links clicks, followers, and messages saved. The number of custom columns that can be created is unlimited.

  • Link multiple accounts to your profile

Tweetdeck provides you to link over 200 Twitter accounts using the Tweetdeck and to manage multiple accounts from one Tweetdeck dashboard without paying any fee.


In the end, we can say that Answer The Public can turn out to be a great source of keyword ideas to drive more traffic to your website. The tool helps you in understanding the customers’ views and questions and using them as keywords.
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