How Can You Make Money On You Tube ? 5 Best Ways

How to earn money from You Tube is not only from ad impressions. There are many ways you can do when you want to try to make money from the largest video sharing platform in the world.

This is because at this time Youtube is still considered quite promising, especially if you are good at presenting content to your viewers and subscribers.

For those of you who don’t understand how to get money from Youtube right, we will discuss it for you on this page.

5 Best Ways You Can Earn Money from You Tube.

• Activating and installing Adsense on your Youtube Channel

• Selling products or services

• Sell videos

• Affiliate Marketing

• Live webinar Speaking

That’s 5 ways. Later we will discuss this in more detail regarding how to explain each of the methods above, how to prepare and execute it, and so on.

But before that, we will discuss a little about how to create a Youtube channel and the types of content that you can use to earn money.

Create a Youtube Channel

The first step you have to do before getting money from Youtube is to create a channel. To make it, you only need to fill out a form similar to other social media.

If you already have a YouTube account before, then the next step is to look for ideas for the concept of the content.

Make sure your Youtube account name is interesting and unique enough so that other users are curious and interested in subscribing or subscribing to the Youtune channel that you created.

Youtube accounts that have an extraordinary number of subscribers will easily attract visitors and get awards from Youtube. Therefore, think carefully about the name of your Youtube channel and adjust it to the concept of the content that will be served there.

For those of you who are still unsure about what kind of content concept is, here are some content that is often used by popular Youtube channels. This can be your inspiration and consideration in creating future content. Make videos that are much liked

How to get money from YouTube with Android now you can too. The first step you must take to get a lot of subscribers and viewers is to show videos that many viewers like.

You can make videos about trending things that are hotly discussed on social media or make some of the most productive types of videos that we will discuss in the next sub discussion.

It should also be noted that the video that you make doesn’t just have to be interesting. This video must also be an original video, not taken from another channel …

YouTube Video Optimization

After or even before you publish, you also have to do some YouTube video optimization so you can get more viewers.

Optimization is one of the most important factors in the collection of tips on how to make money from Youtube that we share for you.

Some of the easiest optimization steps you can do include:

  • Create and display videos that are original works.
  • Create titles and thumbnails that catch viewers’ attention, both on the YouTube timeline and on recommended videos.
  • Optimizing video using SEO techniques, for example in the title, description, meta tags and so on.
  • Don’t use copyrighted content, you can use various free stock videos or background songs with no copyright music labels.
  • Understand in advance the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by YouTube.

Voice Over

Voice over is a program that only contains audio or voice from the admin or the narrator. The recording can contain some interesting facts, both horror stories and other interesting things. Usually this voice over contains stories that can attract the audience.


Videos that contain list shows are also no less interesting because besides on Youtube, videos like this are often broadcast on television.

This list is also included with an animation that has been edited in such a way that the audience feels at home watching and listening to it.


Video tutorials circulating on Youtube, on average, about beauty, application activation and many others.

If interested, you can bring up one of the tutorial ideas to be used as YouTube channel content. Besides being able to share knowledge, you can also get paid from Youtube if you are successful in attracting subscribers.


One of the most targeted videos on Youtube is the latest smartphone unboxing video. If you have more capital, you can raise this one concept for content.

After reading the types of content above, have you got an idea of ​​what content you will create? Take only one type of content, produce the content and immediately upload it to your Youtube channel.

Now we will get to our main discussion. How to get money from Youtube can also be called Youtube monetization.

Monetization is changing or managing something to become land for money.

Then you may ask, how? How to monetize is quite easy.

Please explain the following.

1. Activate and Install Adsense on Your Youtube Channel

The first way to get money from Youtube is to activate and install Adsense on your Youtube Channel.

If you have finished activating monetization on the Youtube channel, then do an associate and an approved Adsense account for Youtube.

The feature that will be available later is Youtube Analytic which you can use to see the track of income. First, complete your Youtube payment threshold so that track earnings can be paid off.

But if you haven’t activated it, please follow these simple steps:

Sign in to the Youtube account that was previously registered.

Select the “Account Information” menu located at the top right to find out account information.

After that click on Creator Studio and select the Channel menu.

Click Status and Feature and select Enable Monetization, which means that you have agreed to make the Youtube channel a monetization account.

Optimize Youtube Channel Monetization Functions

So, a YouTube channel whose monetization has been maximized will work better to generate coffers of money. Previously, there were several criteria that you had to meet to optimize YouTube channel monetization.

The uploaded video must be user-friendly so that the audience will be curious. User-friendly videos start with curiosity-provoking titles, then are supported by straightforward but creative delivery.

Make sure the content presented is original, purely self-edited, aka not a duplicate of other Youtube channels so that it can be promoted and make money.

Like the previous statement, video content which is duplicate without permission or plagiarism can be subject to copyrighted videos where they cannot produce anything even being asked for compensation by the original owner. So don’t ever try to copy videos from other Youtube channels especially without permission.

Pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines set by Youtube.

Once the video that you upload on the Youtube channel where the monetization function has been activated, several advertisements will appear in the following videos.

2. Selling Products or Services

The second way to get money from Youtube is by selling products or services on your Youtube Channel.

If you work at a certain company or business, you can use the Youtube channel as a place to increase the conversion rate.

You can do this by creating content that describes the details of your product so that it can attract the attention of your channel visitors. Package the promotional video to make it more unique, interesting and less promotional.

After that you can add a link for the product page in the description column.

So far, this has often been done by YouTubers to carry out promotions just like beauty YouTubers promote their cosmetic products.

If you often watch Youtube videos other people will understand, but if you still don’t really understand it then try watching some videos from Youtube.

3. Video sales

If you see infotainment on TV that displays the artist’s Instagram or YouTube video content, then that’s what we mean by selling videos.

In addition, you may have seen amateur videos that appear on TV news, this is also included in the category of selling videos.

So someone else’s video that appears in other people’s media is actually a previous video buying and selling transaction. The artist or amateur video owner will be paid by the TV in exchange for the video.

As for TV, the video can be a content that can increase ratings.

If you have a good and quality video, don’t forget to provide a watermark and maybe you can offer it to other parties. Or another party that will come to you by itself.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity used to earn money in popular online ways.

Affiliate marketers rarely expose the details of earning large sums of money, so beginners like you can find it difficult to follow in their footsteps.

Another option you can use the YouTube channel as the right path to be directed to the affiliate link.

Use this channel as a source of traffic to be directed to the affiliate link you have.

Given that currently people on earth are increasingly lazy to read texts, let alone lengthy ones, then you have the opportunity to develop a business so that information is conveyed even though it is not through writing.

Here you can work with a number of e-commerce companies that open affiliate services, such as Banggood or Gearbest.

Then you can put this link in the video description and try to lure your audience to open it.

Well, this method is very effective for those of you who have video content about unboxing and reviewing gadgets and other items, such as smartphones, PCs, to electronics.

5. Live Webinar Speaking

Live speaking in question is like meeting in person with your subscribers. If your Youtube channel is popular then it is not impossible that your fans will increase.

That’s when you have the opportunity to make a face-to-face meeting with them so subscribers can get to know you in person and real.

These activities can be done so that the relationship with subscribers is closer. When the event is taking place you can also get multiple sponsors so the money stays in your account.

6. Establish a Sponsorship Partnership

Then you can establish sponsorship partnerships with brands related to your channel. This step is considered to be the most effective way to get money from YouTube.

You can get items that can be used as video content and sponsors can promote the items they sell on your channel.

Unfortunately, to get sponsorship cooperation, you must have negotiation skills to convince the sponsor to put ads, you know.

7. Selling Merchandise

AdSense ads will not give you 100 percent of your real income. This is where you can take advantage of the fan base you have.

You can just sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other collectibles easily and get income quickly.

How to get money from YouTube is arguably a pretty powerful way if your fan base is really loyal fans.

8. Thinking Out Of The Box

As a YouTuber, you need to understand how to make money-making YouTube content. You have to always think outside the box to attract more audiences.

Because it is not impossible that your loyal YouTube channel viewers will gradually get bored with the style of nature or content that is regularly broadcast.

Here you can do a few easy steps. Like changing your style, creating other segments or collaborating with YouTubers you know.

That way, you can find out how to put videos on YouTube and make a lot of money that makes you rich.

Easy Ways to Get Money from YouTube Apart from AdSense

Even though your Google AdSense account has been approved, that doesn’t mean you can rely entirely on earning from here.

How to get money from YouTube is not limited to AdSense. There are many other ways you can learn to increase the amount of your income each boast.

We have collected several alternative ways to make money from YouTube that you can practice. Guaranteed to bring coffers of money!

You can come up with a useful buzz so that the video can go viral and the number of subscribers increases in no time.

Do things that have never been done by other people, but make sure it doesn’t involve hatred so that your video is not banned.

Even though you are free to work, every media certainly has rules that cannot be violated. Make sure you have the ability to filter every content that will be created.

One more thing that needs to be made sure is that you don’t change the concept of your content, if you change it for once as a buzz it doesn’t matter, but it’s better to be consistent with the concept or theme you have defined when creating your first account.

Have Your Tried Holding a Meet ‘n Greet

Don’t think negatively about meet ‘n greet! This can be a way to get money from YouTube which is quite effective.

Here what you are doing is not just looking for money from your subscribers, but also sharing knowledge that is useful for them.

You can provide knowledge starting from how to build a YouTube channel or vlogging tutorials on a limited budget.

Surely your subscribers will be willing to spend a penny of their pocket money for this.

Apart from the two guidelines above, it turns out that you can also get money without the hassle of uploading videos on YouTube. But how?

This guide is very useful for those of you who are anti-complicated. Without the need to linger, here’s how to get money from YouTube without uploading videos in 2020!

Write Copies, Video Scripts, Screenplays: There are many YouTube channels that are freelancing for these jobs. No need to upload videos, and you will get paid a lot!

Optimize the SEO of other people’s videos: Optimize people’s channel videos and get YouTube’s algorithm to side with the channel. Guaranteed, money will flow freely.

So Transcript Creator: Convert entire conversations in YouTube videos into readable text, especially for Deaf friends.

Create Closed Captions for Videos: This method is the same as above, the difference is more in the direction of helping to subtitles the video. Usually foreign YouTube channels need this so that the videos can reach cross-language viewers.

Edit Videos for Other People’s Channels: There’s nothing wrong with helping to edit videos, the important thing is that you don’t have to upload them, and you will definitely get a reward!

Make a Content Plan: Usually a large YouTube channel is not only manned by channel owners, but creative teams who think and plan content specifically. Take this opportunity to earn money!

Here are some inspiring videos

1. Video Walkthrough Game

Often impatient in completing a game? Or do you even want to keep up with the game’s story, without having to buy and play it?

Well, a video game walkthrough could be the solution. For creators, all you have to do is prepare the console used, play games, edit and publish on YouTube.

Really easy, right? Especially if you are a gamer, you can work while playing.

2. Video Unboxing and Review

Want to buy a new gadget, but are afraid of being hit by the quality? Video unboxing and reviews can be the solution.

Here you can provide explanations and experiences while using gadgets, whether smartphones, tablets, or maybe other electronic items.

In addition, this type of video also allows brands and advertisers to attract more attention to you.

3. Video Tutorials

Apart from going through various tips and tricks articles on the internet, video tutorials will be a solution for those of you who are confused about doing something.

Why is the video tutorial highly recommended? The reason is that through video media, you can be more interactive in giving steps, compared to just writing and pictures.

In addition, if you are an expert in a field, the video tutorials that you make will usually be more trusted by the audience.

4. Listical Video

What is an electronic video? Simply put, this type of video provides an interesting list to watch, with interesting narrative and visuals too.

For the type of electronic video itself, you can choose various kinds of topics, such as general knowledge, viral things to gadgets or technology.

This type of video has a lot of fans and is a quite effective way to make money from YouTube.

5. Videos of Social Media Trends

Then you can also work on things that are viral and are widely discussed on social media.

Unfortunately, this video, which could attract large audiences, is less predictable. So you have to think and execute videos quickly when the trend is up and down.

You have to be the most up to date and fast person to edit and reupload viral content.

6. Video Animation

You don’t need to watch an animated series on television anymore. On YouTube there are also many channels that have types of animated videos which are generally intended for all ages.

If all the steps have been completed, including providing a profile photo and banner, of course you cannot directly get money from YouTube AdSense through a monetization scheme.

Here you must collect a number of followers (subscribers), viewers (viewers), and meet the conditions and other requirements to get YouTube AdSense below.

Terms of Getting Google AdSense on YouTube 2020

To get money through AdSense, YouTube has a special service to support it, you know.

Yes, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a service that allows content creators to monetize the video content they create and broadcast.

So, as of January 16, 2018, YouTube made new requirements and required a channel to have at least 4,000 hours of viewing time with 1,000 subscribers for the last 12 months.

After successfully registering, YouTube will conduct a manual review to test the feasibility and immediately serve ads on the video when your registration has been approved.
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