How Do you Make Money Writing a Blog in 2020-21

There are multiple steps to make money writing a blog in 2020. From choosing a niche, writing content, and them driving great traffic to your site. The more audience you have, the more options that will eventually be at your disposal to monetize your website in a proper way.

We have evaluated some great methods for how you can make money writing a blog in 2020-21.

Before heading to the list of methods of earning online, you’ll have to clarify some points so that you can get the prior results according to your work.

  • Study what a niche is.
  • How to build a community?
  • How to pick a good and profitable niche?
  • How to Use  SEO to make money.
  • How to use track conversion rates?

Create content and paid

The first section of the article will teach you how you can make money by writing blogs and getting paid for it. We can say it is the quickest way to start earning from your website. This is a big reason why other bloggers pursue this monetization channel.

If you want your blog to be the audience’s favorite, then you’ll have to be true to your writing, your expertise, and your target audience.

Sponsored Blog content

Content or article that you write about or related to a brand or company, and it returns you paying a fee for that content, it is called Sponsored content.

In the article, you feature their products, offers, and services and add a link as a go-to resource for your readers.

It is a proven and true investment where all brands look for investment and the method has been working in the right scenarios. The method has been a profitable way both for advertisers and bloggers.

After writing good sponsored content, now it comes as genuine, unique, and free of a high-pressure sales pitch.

How to get sponsored?

Find some products with their companies that fit nicely into your niche. We’ll recommend you to promote the products you use in your daily life and you trust their quality and effects. Make a list of top-5 or top-10 products you want to endorse.

Now, Head to the website of the products and look for their marketing officer or PR emails(you can use tools like Hunter or Norbert).

Send them a professional email mentioning;

  • What do you want?
  • Why should they collaborate with you?
  • How will you take it forward?

Affiliate programs

In Affiliate programs, Companies are willing to pay you in exchange for directing your blog audience to them. You don’t have to pitch sponsors or consume time in writing about your product before starting to make money online.

For a successful Affiliate marketing revenue, you should have a high-traffic audience to your website.

Affiliate programs provide you the benefit of avoiding the cold phase that is used in sponsored content and freelancing.

Several Affiliate programs are automated enough to allow you to come on board and start promoting. Some programs also pay you every month.

Top 10 Affiliate programs for bloggers

We have created a list of Top-10 Affiliate programs that are available for bloggers and pay a high revenue.

  • Amazon Associates
  • CreativeLive
  • Udemy
  • Bluehost
  • Shopify
  • Hubspot
  • eBay
  • Dreamhost
  • GreenGeeks
  • Liquid Web

Blog Advertisements

Blog advertisement can be a simple and quick way to make money blogging online. It’s one of the first ways that most bloggers use to make money. The revenue generated from Blog advertisements can also be satisfying.

Is using Blog advertisements good in 2020?

Our answer will be ‘YES’. Using Advertising space is still in trend as it is an active component of many marketing campaigns.

Reasons why Blog Advertisement is still in trend?

The biggest reason is that it is replacing ads before the digital age billboards, magazines, and newspaper advertisements. Blog advertisements can be a great and easy way to highlight a brand’s name out to the public.

Studies have found that a user spends an average of 24 hours a week on the internet and it is easy to advertise before them.

There are several Advertisement display networks for bloggers using which you can generate a good amount of money doing less work.

Top-5 Best Ads Display networks for bloggers

We have created a list of top-5 best Ad display networks that you(bloggers) can use to add advertisements to their blogs.

  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is currently the leading ad display network and offers to cover all topics.
  • Mediavine: The network offers ads on all topics.
  • Carbon Ads: Carbon ads provide ads on Business, Designs, and Development topics.
  • Propeller Ads: The ad display network allows you to cover all topics.
  • Blog Ads: Blog ads allow bloggers to cover advertisements on all topics.

Selling your products and services

You can also make money in blogging by promoting and selling your own products with your audience. If you are not passionate about promoting others’ products, why not promote your own products and services to your readers and make money without sharing the profit with others.

Writing an eBook and selling it to your audience is a great example of making money blogging. Writing an eBook can be very beneficial as there are possibilities of the following.

  • Your eBook may catch the eye of a good publisher and lead to a book printing deal.
  • Networks may see your growth and call you for shows on your niche.
  • A company or brand may offer you a great deal with higher-revenue than your thoughts.

All the things above can only be possible if you take the FIRST step in creating your own products and services to offer the audience.

Points to remember while setting a price for your products

Pricing a product depends on several factors like who owns it, what you provide, who you provide to, and many more. The main factor while setting the product price is who has created it?

If you are promoting your own product, make sure to evaluate your blogging costs and to avoid setting an arbitrary number that just looks good.

If you are selling a digital product like an eBook and online course, evaluate the points that;

  • How much time did it consume while mastering?
  • What does it worth?
  • Who you are providing the skill to?
  • What benefits will the customers get after getting it?

Clear these points and try out different prices until you feel satisfied.

Sell online courses

If you have the skills to teach people and help them in understanding a term in a better way, Online courses selling can be a great opportunity for you to make money blogging.

The plus point of the work is that it is as easy as recording short instructional(how-to) videos to teach your audience how to do something by sharing your blog skills, experience, and success. Once you have expertise in something, there are several buyers who are willing to pay you gladly by getting the benefits.

How to create your first online course?

At the very first step, you need to identify your skills and the niche you are best at, and how long will it take you to teach your readers the whole process.

Now, Discuss the idea with your target customers and readers to ensure that the audience is willing to pay for the course you provide.

For example; You have a great number of followers on Instagram and you are growing nicely and your followers want to know how you are so successful at the platform, you can create an online course teaching them how to do good with Instagram.

The points you can use while creating an online course for your audience are provided below.

  • You can provide tips on shooting engaging photos.
  • You can teach your audience how to select the perfect posting schedule for their updates.
  • You can teach your audience how to use Tags and captions.
  • Share some tips to gain 0 to 500/1k followers in 60 days.

Before creating an online course, make sure that the content you provide is relevant to what the students want. Be connected to the customers and understand their feedback and offer some great discounts to the customers on pre-ordering the product.

Physical Products

Nowadays, selling physical products using blogs is known as Dropshipping. The process doesn’t require you to stock products, put labels, and carry the boxes.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping refers to the selling of a product from the supplier to the customer without holding the product in your inventory. In this business, you are like a dealer who connects the buyer and the customer and charges a commission for it.

You have to make a sale from your blog and the supplier will deliver the product directly to the customer’s doorsteps charging a fee. There is no need to even create your own product.

A number of great products can be found easily on the internet, all you have to do is select one, look for a supplier on a site like Alibaba, and that will create a private-label version of that product, and you are ready to sell the product on your own.

Make sure to create an online store and link it directly to your blog so that you can collect orders, collect information, and accept payments from customers.

If you have a good amount of audience that would love to wear your Fashion equipment like T-shirts, jeans, mugs, and many more, it’ll be great to start dropshipping from your blog and make profitable money. 

Design Software tools

If you are a software developer and are not satisfied with your job or you are not getting any job, Designing software tools is a very good idea for making money blogging.

What is a software tool?

A software tool helps you in avoiding complicated processes and makes them automated. In the field of blogging, several software tools are used to make processes simple and save time.

For example; OptimizePress is a theme(software) that is a software product that is used to avoid coding, learning languages, and completing manual processes.

We have collected and listed Some software that helps you in making processes simple and making money blogging online.

  • Mobile phone Applications
  • Productivity tools
  • Email marketing service providers
  • CRMs, Customer relationship management tools
  • Keyword research tools
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