How to Earn Money from Facebook -10 Best Ways

How to get money from Facebook is unique. Seeing the number of active Facebook users who reach more than millions per month can indeed be a lucrative potential customer. Isn’t that amazing?

So, therefore, in this article, we will provide ways to make money on Facebook with easy steps that you can try TODAY!

We will discuss the points above in depth below. Are you curious? Listen to the end, yes!

How to Get Money from Facebook with EASY AND FAST STEP!

Getting money on the internet is indeed an upward trend today. Social media, which was previously only used to exchange messages, can now also be used to earn money. No exception to Facebook.

Maybe you are already familiar with selling new / used items on Facebook groups. But apparently, the way to get money on Facebook is not limited to selling. Here we discuss some of the methods below.

1. Selling on Facebook Groups

This method is probably the easiest and the most famous. Do you have something you want to sell quickly? Just join the Facebook group. There are two types of Facebook groups that are commonly used for selling, namely groups with certain topics and buying and selling forums.

For example, if you want to sell used cellphones, just join a group that is actively discussing everything related to cellphones. Or you want to sell sneakers, then just join the sneakers community group.

Now, if you want to sell general goods (which there is no specific topic group), just join the general buying and selling group. For example, “Australia Buying and Selling Forum.” This group sells any goods as long as the seller and buyer locations are in Australia.

Remember, though, you can sell anything on the Facebook group. But there are still rules about what can’t be sold on Facebook. You can read the rules here.

2. Take advantage of Facebook Fanpage to sell

Apart from selling in groups, creating an online shop fanpage on Facebook is also one of the ways people often do business online on Facebook.

Creating a special online store fanpage makes you look more professional and trusted. In addition, you can also place Facebook Ads on your fanpage (which we will discuss in point number four below).

On the fanpage of this Facebook online shop, you can sell homemade goods, do dropship, or even become a reseller. This is one of the best ideas to make money from Facebook. Dropshipping is simply that you are selling someone else’s product, but using your own name. You don’t need stock items for dropship.

Because, if there is an order, you can immediately forward the order to the party you are working with. The parties here can be manufacturers, distributors or suppliers. Then, the party will immediately send the goods to the customer’s address, but use your name as the sender.

As for resellers, you first buy products from other people, then sell them back. So, the reseller must have stock of the items you want to sell. Because the reseller must immediately send it himself if there is an order from the consumer.

3. Using the Facebook Fanpage to Attract Traffic to the Website

Apart from selling, the Facebook Fanpage also has many other benefits, you know. One of them can be used to attract traffic to your website.

Once you have a fanpage, you must promote it. You can start inviting Facebook friends who you think might be interested. Then, also ask them to help suggest friends who have an interest in the topic of your fanpage.

Now, if the fanpage already has several followers from the promotion method above. You can start to regularly share quality and useful content from your website. Make sure, you also have to be active on the fanpage by answering every question and replying to various comments that come in.

The more traffic, the more people will know about whatever is offered on your website. So that it can increase brand awareness and of course also increase your chances of increasing the coffers of money from the website.

However, in order for brand awareness to increase, it must be balanced with products that match your target market. So you have to make sure that the product is good. Because, a good product that is supported by high awareness is likely to have good sales.

4. Create a Facebook Group to gain more audience and SELL!

You can create a Facebook group that discusses the topic of the products you sell. So this group will be like an online forum / community to gather and discuss.

Try to always interact with the members as the group owner so that the group is always active. Starting from asking, answering or sharing related content. In addition to making them feel at home in the group, this can also make your group a trusted group on the topic.

However, you as the group owner must filter the existing questions and answers. Don’t let the topic of discussion get sidetracked or a useless coachman debate occurs.

Now, once in a while, you can answer questions by suggesting your products as solutions to their problems. But, don’t be too frequent, because potential customers don’t like excessive promotion.

Take for example the Facebook group called “No More Fat”. The group was created by two personal trainers named Dien and Mey. The two of them not only help members by sharing tips for healthy living, but also offer personal trainer services, which is their profession.

Another example you can find in the Digital Painting group: Tutorials & Feedback. This group was created by Paintable, a company that provides online tutoring on digital painting. So, the group was created so that group members could upload their work, then given feedback by Paintable – who was then directed to their online tutoring.

5. Create Facebook Ads

Different from the three methods above, making Facebook Ads requires capital. This is because Facebook Ads are advertisements aimed at Facebook users. But the capital is not much, really. Starting from $1 you can post an ad.

So, by creating Facebook Ads, you can get a lot of benefits. Starting from determining specific ad targets, remarketing, to gathering leads.

One of the successful examples of people who have managed to make optimal use of Facebook Ads is Mr. Joseph Chiang. He is an international producer of pots and kitchen utensils from China. Mr. Joseph Chiang spent $100/ day for Facebook Ads and managed to get a profit of up to $250 / day. Amazing, right?

For a guide to creating Facebook Ads and how to apply it correctly, we have discussed it in

6. Try Monetizing Your Fanpage

The way to get money from other Facebook fanpages is by monetizing the fanpage. This method is done by utilizing In-Stream Ads. In-Stream Ads are short ads that can be included in your video content, much like ads on YouTube.

You can monetize fanpages with any topic, as long as they don’t violate Facebook’s rules. Just make sure that the videos you post are original videos. This is because videos taken from other sources cannot be monetized due to copyright infringement.

Besides being original, your video must also be relevant to the fanpage topic. So that it can provoke discussion and engagement. The effect is, the video can be popular, the ad is seen by many people, and you can get more money.

There are several conditions that must be met before you can place In-Stream Ads. Some of them are your fanpage must have at least 10,000 followers and your video generated at least 30,000 views in the last 60 days. You can find the full requirements here

An example of a fanpage that is suitable for monetization is the fanpage from George Takei. He regularly posts original videos where he gives his opinion on various matters.

7. Linking your Shopify to the Facebook Fanpage – EASY AND FAST MONEY MAKING IDEA!

If you want to create an online store and want to target your target audience on Facebook, this method is not to be missed.

You can easily create an online shop using Shopify whose guide is in → What is Shopify and How to Use It?

After the online shop has been successfully created, you can connect it to the Facebook fanpage using the method listed here.

Linking your Shopify to the fanpage can have many benefits. Some of them are being able to use Messenger to communicate directly with consumers, full integration with Facebook Mobile, and of course being able to build an active community on the fanpage.

8. Manage Other People’s Facebook Accounts

The job of managing other people’s Facebook accounts can be of various types. Depending on the type, you can make it a full-time job, you know.

First, you can become a Facebook admin at a small online shop. Where your task here is quite simple because generally you are only an admin. You don’t need special skills, such as understanding social media marketing, Facebook ads and so on.

Apart from the online shop admin, there is also another form of this work, namely Social Media Specialist. You can make this type of work full-time because it requires special skills with high pay.

Are you interested in becoming a Social Media Specialist? Before trying it, you can learn more about this profession in the article → Getting to know the Social Media Specialist

9. Become an Influencer

Influencers are not limited to Instagram or YouTube, you know. Facebook can also be another social media alternative for those of you who want to become stars on the internet.

Because, based on research, Facebook is in the position of the two best markets for influencers. So, becoming an influencer on Facebook is also an opportunity that cannot be underestimated.

The method is not too different from the two social media. You are required to create unique and original content, then you post it on Facebook regularly.

For example, just look at Cristiano Ronaldo. He always regularly posts original and unique content related to himself on his personal fanpage. These contents also build Cristiano’s personal branding as a public figure. So as to convince people that he is someone who can be trusted to market a product.

After building a reputation and audience on your personal fanpage, you can charge for endorsements or sponsored posts. Or you can also start selling (as we discussed in point number two above). With an audience that you have successfully built, getting profit by selling products can be easier than having to promote from scratch.

10. Open Upcoming Services

If you like traveling here and there, why not just open a entrusted service? Besides having the potential for profit which is quite lucrative, this entrusted service also has other advantages, you know. Starting from no need for capital because you receive a full payment in advance, to getting a bonus item if there is a promo “Buy 1 Get 1 Free.”

Generally, you can charge around 10% -15% of the price of the item. However, you can also charge more if the goods are scarce with limited stock.

Ready to Get Money from Facebook? Yes, SURE! What are you waiting for?

The way to get money from Facebook above is easy to implement, but to actually make money from Facebook is not as easy as it seems. Apart from the large number of competitors, Facebook is also quite strict about its monetization policy.

However, as long as there is an intention, there must be a way. As long as what you offer is unique and succeeds in making your audience interested, you can get money from Facebook with the methods above.

So, those are ways to get money from Facebook. Make sure you try them all to get the best result and the best experience because those things are FAST and EARNS A LOT when the time comes! Good Luck!
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