How To Get 10K Followers Per Week On Instagram

Instagram is one social media that is very popular today. “Insta” in the word Instagram comes from “Instant”. Meanwhile, “gram” comes from the word “telegram” which is how it works to send information quickly to others.

This social media is growing. Starting from a place to share photos, then creative media to business fields for its users. You must know that there are many shops that market their wares on this one social media, there are also celebrities as a promotion event for the olshop.

This celebrity phenomenon occurs because these people have many followers on their Instagram account. They use it to be something useful and of course profitable.

17 Tricks Can Grow 10K Instagram Followers in a Week

Well, you definitely want to have lots of followers on Instagram, right? Having lots of followers does take a lot of effort. Don’t use instant means like buying followers, OK. This can result in curbing accounts that are often done by Instagram.

1. Don’t Private Your Instagram Account

The first way you have to do is don’t lock or lock your account. This is done to attract attention. Let people see the content that you share on that account.

If the content you share really attracts attention and gets lots of likes, chances are that the post will be included in the explore feature and more people will see it. Who knows, these people will be interested in following your account.

2. Create Interesting Feeds on Your Instagram Account

Making an Instagram feed attractive, requires good aesthetic skills. You also have to have good taste in photo editing. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned. Now there are lots of celebrity-style photo editing tutorials that you can cheat, as you can see here.

Apart from uploading selfies or aesthetic portraits of yourself, post images that can touch emotions. Call it a sunset, a tight grip on your hand, a small child smiling, a flower bed and much more. You can use motivational captions, everyday questions or those related to your business.

You also need to make your feed easy for people to remember. You do this by using consistent filters or using photo color themes such as black and white, beige, pastel and many more. Better yet, if you use original photos, huh.

3. Tag or Mention Accounts with Many Followers on IG

Well, you shouldn’t miss this one tip. When uploading a photo, you can tag or tag other IG accounts that have millions of followers. For example, if you post vacation photos, tag foreign and local travel accounts with lots of followers. Or, mark the fashion brand account that you use.

If the photo is good and many people like it, chances are your post will be reposted. Well, the opportunity to get followers is increasing, right.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags in the Caption

One thing that is not less important is the use of hashtags in posts. As is known, Instagram has a hashtag feature that makes it easier for users to search for similar posts.

By using hashtags, the content you upload can be seen by people who have not followed you. Use hashtags that are relevant to the content, yes. Don’t promote accounts with various hashtags like follow4follow or followback.

5. Synchronization to Other Social Media Accounts

Connecting one media to another has been done by many people. Well, you can do this method to get followers. Especially for those of you who already have many followers on other social media.

Another advantage of social media synchronization is the reduced burden for uploading posts on each media. Other social media users can visit your Instagram account more easily, increasing account traffic and getting lots of followers and likes.

6. Follow Celebrity Accounts Then Unfollow

Another tip is to “Follow-Unfollow” a famous celebrity’s Instagram account. Usually, there will be several followers of the account who follow your account. Also give some interesting unique comments.

This method may not get you a lot of followers right away, but it’s quite powerful, you know. Do this regularly so that Instagram does not order your account. If you already get several followers, you can stop following the celebrity account.

7. Upload Photos In Consistent Time

The time when you upload a photo also needs to be considered. If you post photos in the early hours of the morning or when there aren’t many users online it can affect your chances of getting likes and followers. Generally, people will access social media during recess or free hours.

Uploading photos on Instagram also has a Pattern. Uploading photos almost daily can increase your follower count four times faster than posting once a week.

8. Hold an Interesting Giveaway or Contest

Well, another way to get followers is to hold a contest or giveaway. Hold a contest with easy conditions, such as being a follower of your Instagram account, giving likes and comments on one of the photos or using a specific hashtag.

In addition, you can ask them to tag friends so that the number of followers will increase. Now, by holding a contest or giveaway, your likes, traffic and followers will increase.

9. Keep Updating Instagram Story

You also have to take advantage of features provided by Instagram such as Story. Even though it can disappear within a certain time, using this feature allows you to share photos and videos without edits that feel more real to your followers so they feel closer. You can also share interesting pictures or quotes.

10. Occasionally Switch to Private Account To Make People Curious

Are you aware that celebrities with thousands and even millions of followers like to open and close locks on their accounts? Well, this could be a strategy that you follow. If you have posted consistent photos and other people are getting interested, try closing your Instagram account once in a while. So, those who want to see your posts must first follow your Instagram.

Many are asking how it is actually a powerful way to increase Instagram followers. You’re having the same trouble?

It’s no secret that Instagram is a very popular marketing medium today. The number of users that reaches 300 million users and beat Twitter makes it the favorite social media after Facebook.

By the way, do you already own and use Instagram? If not, you have to read my article, why should you use Instagram in this article? It’s a shame if you miss the popularity of Instagram.

So, now the problem is, how do you increase the number of your Instagram followers?

We all know that the more followers you have, the bigger your sales opportunities.

10K Followers in 1 Week Instagram HACK Technique

11. Follow For Follow Technique

This simple technique is still powerful today. Instagram users who are followed are most likely willing to follow back on you.

Therefore if you are not an artist, do not hesitate to follow first. Choose a user who has a follower market that suits you.

Most likely, they will be happy to follow you back because they feel your account matches their interests. Oh yeah, don’t be too annoyed in doing this technique huh.

Instagram limits the number of following each day. I don’t know the exact number, but the average is only 400 accounts per day. The number of following on Instagram is also limited to 7500 accounts.

Do the following wisely so that your account doesn’t get banned by Instagram.

After you have followed a large amount, my advice, just unfollow everything so you can return to following hihihi. Between the heart and the heart.

But that is the risk to be taken from this technique.

12. Shoutout for Shoutout

Shoutout for shoutout or SFS is a strategy where Instagram accounts promote each other.

You can work with aun owner with an approximately the same number of followers as you, then promote to each other. There are unwritten laws in this SFS process.

SFS accounts will only agree to perform this technique if the number of followers is equal. Well, at least it’s slightly different. This means that if you have 1000 Instagram followers, it will be very difficult to invite an SFS account with 50,000 followers.

Look for accounts with a balanced number of followers, dm them for the SFS offer. Usually, accounts that like to do SFS have a special group on the line.

Try to join the group so you can easily communicate with other SFS accounts. There are no standard rules in this SFS, it all depends on the agreement.

There were those who both posted and then 2 hours later deleted, some 6 hours later deleted, etc. Everything returns to the rules and agreement among SFS players.

13. Instagram Quiz

If you have excess funds, there’s nothing wrong with making quizzes on Instagram. With certain terms and criteria, you can make followers interested in following you.

For example, the quiz model that is most often done by Instagram business people is the screenshot, mention, like and tag quiz model.

You can ask followers who want to take the quiz to post screenshots on your Instagram, tag some friends, like some of your posts, and also mention some friends.

A simple quiz model like this can create high growth. There are many other quiz models such as photo challenges, video challenges, etc.

Don’t forget to prepare attractive prizes so that your followers will participate in the quiz. Don’t get a prize of 10 thousand pulses but told to make a selfies video, in my opinion it is not worth it.

Oh yes, my experience in making Instagram quizzes can be read in this article. You must identify your followers first before making a quiz for maximum results.

14. Spam Likes

Make followers aware of your account by liking their photos. Do not hesitate. Like 2-3 photos of your followers, this will bring up a notification so that your account has a big chance to be seen afterward.

15. Viral Posts

Viral posting is a technique in which we try to get our followers to interact in the post according to our wishes.

16. Paid Promote

Simply put, paid promote can mean placing ads on big accounts.

Paid promote is very effective to use if you want to increase sales in a short time.

Usually, a few moments after placing a promoted advertisement, the cellphone will ring and the orders will immediately arrive. Usually you know hehehe. However, be careful in choosing a paid promote account.

Many accounts have a large number of followers but these followers are bots. Follower bots are robot followers that are designed to follow an account.

Pay attention to the average number of likes from each post from the account where the promoted is on. If necessary, request statistics from

The website will provide a lot of important information related to Instagram accounts, including the percentage of active followers and bots. The average advertising price on a paid promote account is the number of their followers.

If you advertise on an account with 400,000 followers, then usually the cost you spend for each post is $5.

Each account has a different rate. There are also paid promote accounts that offer follower contracts.

So for example, the account will advertise your account until it reaches a certain number of followers.

17. Instagram Bot

In point 6, I already mentioned a little about Instagram bots. Bots are passive followers that are designed to follow an account.

Not only do you actually follow, you can also likes and comments. It depends on the bot maker settings.

As far as I know, foreigners out there provide a lot of bot follower services. By using a bot, your account will look cooler in the eyes of followers.

Bots are also advantageous in terms of price because you can get thousands of followers for a very low price. For example, on the site

You can buy 10,000 followers for only $ 87.

This price is classified as very cheap when you compare it with the price of a paid promote contract for 10,000 followers. Follower bots will probably increase your popularity among other followers.

However, this method has its own pros and cons so this is not highly recommended due to Instagram restriction.
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