7 BEST SECRET ELEMENTS Shows How to Write A Quality Content

Your content views, attractions, clicks, and revenue depend on the quality of your niche. No one likes to read boring, fake, or un-researched content or articles. If you research deeply, you will find out that all the successful bloggers or website creators follow some similar points while presenting their content. whatever the niche is, the quality stays on top.

In this article, we will help you with providing some elements or points that help in writing high-quality content that your audience will love.

Pointwise information

Think if you search on google for a wristwatch company to buy it and the website starts showing you its history, achievements, and medals. The website is just using their SEO optimization skill to improve their rankings and revenues. But You’ll be bothered, won’t you? and you’ll visit another website that offers direct content. It’ll affect website traffic negatively. Visitors will leave the page earlier if it doesn’t contain the direct information.

Follow these simple steps to stick to the point

Start with writing stepwise information: Divide your content into multiple parts or steps following a certain pattern. Let’s understand it in a better way: If you are writing about product sales then write the product info and rates at first.

Use appropriate keywords: Use appropriate keywords and follow the description based on the keyword. Keywords are used to prevent you from writing irrelevant info.

Stick to the length: Avoid using un-unnecessary words or sentences in the article.

Target a specific audience: Always try to target one specific type of audience at a time. It is good to get one sort of visitor in a mass number to get a variety of visitors in a few numbers.

Value of data and topic specifications

The quality of your content is explained or defined by the data provided in it.

Data affects your article google rankings. The content should be comprehensive, in-depth, and conveying the main motive of the topic. It is better to write one topic with full details than to write a number of topics without much info.

Avoid making the article wordy: It is better to answer the question of your audience sticking to a certain point in fewer words by providing all the required information.

Studies have said that The number of words in content does affect its google rankings.

But using too many words for just extending the length of the article may affect it negatively. For example; you will find a number of articles containing 2000-3000 words. They seem to be very attractive and useful but you may find irrelevant and un-researched content in those.

Meet readers’ requirements and content objectives

Before starting any article, prepare your answers to some important questions and make some plans and tips to improve your content quality.

Content objectives

  • Who are you writing the content for?

The question looks simple but is a bit tricky. Different content topics attract different types of audiences. For example; We are targeting freelance or online writers who need help in writing better and engaging content for higher rankings in google SEO.

  • What is the motive of the article?

Any article can not be written without any motives. Writing without motives makes the article meaningless.

For example; we are writing this article to help you in writing high-quality content that your audience loves and ranks higher in Google rankings.

  • What is the goal of the article?

Make a specific goal for an article. It will help you to get motivated to write content by performing well in research. Our goal for the article is to Make the readers better in writing as well as to rank higher in Google SEO.

  • What will be the topics or questions that your article will answer?

It’s one of the most necessary parts of writing quality content. Make sure to cover a specific topic and answer some key questions related to it if you can professionally and comprehensively. For example; we are answering one specific topic i.e 7 secret elements to write high-quality content in detail.

Avoid picking up too many questions from one topic as it will lead your viewers towards confusion and kayos.

Prepare a working friendly environment

Several studies have shown that most of the writers struggle while starting to write an article. The possible distractions while working are Calls, friends, and social media(Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter). It will affect your content quality as well as your writing speed leading to bad reviews from clients.

To eliminate these distractions:

  • Prepare a fixed working time

Fix your working time according to your habits(whether you are comfortable in day or night) and avoid using any other applications or software at that time.

  • Time tracking

There are a number of tools that help in time tracking and staying concentrated towards the work.

  • Avoid social media

Turn off the phone, log out of your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts while writing.

Make sure to implement all the blogging and writing tools

Tools are made to simplify your working problems and help you to get any work done with ease. Similarly, Blogging and writing tools help you in getting better Google rankings, good content formatting, avoiding plagiarism, and finding better keywords.

Tools for writing high-quality content

  • Google docs

It is a free and fast word processor for your android or desktop for writing articles.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly has turned out to be the most used tool while writing articles or content. It’s free, fast, and supports a wide range of operating systems.

Features: It checks your grammar, typos, spelling mistakes, and sentence structure and suggests their better form.

  • CloudApp

It is a paid tool used to create animated GIFs to convey the thought to the readers/viewers in a better way. Using GIFs instead of texts attracts the viewers and helps in making the article engaging.

  • Cliche Finder

It is a free and fast tool used to shorten the length of a sentence without changing the meaning. Shortening sentences helps in avoiding un-useful words and being wordy.

  • Evernote web clipper

It is a free application or software that is used to create annotated screenshots and convey the thoughts in a better way.

  • Power Thesaurus

It is a free tool that is used to shorten the lengthy words. The use of repeated words may suck out all the shine of your article. The tool suggests synonyms and helps in writing appropriate sentences.

  • Canva

It is a free and fast online tool that helps in creating high-quality images and pictures for social media and blogs.

Perform deep research to understand the topic

It is too hard to write a high-quality and detailed article without doing deep research. It is suggested that you should give 30-50 minutes minimum on research while starting to write a high-quality article.

Points to look out for while researching from different websites

  • Latest content: Find out the top-ranked and latest articles as they already include some key points from other articles.
  • The flow and engagement of other writers: Understand the flow of the article and what the writers are trying to convey through it. Keep a close eye on the visuals used as they play a key role in improving the Google rankings.
  • Key Arguments used by the writers: Lookout for the key arguments used by other writers to be able to answer the related questions comprehensively.
  • Keywords and subtitles used in other articles: Note down the keywords and sub-titles used in other websites to understand the key points of the article. Also, note down the common keywords and subtitles to increase the range.
  • Formatting of the articles: Different articles are formatted in different ways. For example; a business article has its unique formatting style, a tech article follows a particular formatting style, and much more.
  • Length and depth of the articles written: Calculate the average number of words from several articles as it helps you to understand the article’s length and depth.
  • Comment section and unanswered questions: Many writers avoid this section but it is a very important point to be noted. The comment section of a website contains unanswered questions(which you can use by answering them), some missing points, and some improvement feedback.

Use top-ranked SEO tools for keywords research

There are several SEO optimized keywords-generating tools in the market.

  • Uber-suggest by Niel Patel: The free and fast app provides you with a large number of SEO optimized keywords from different sites.
  • Use the ‘Google keywords suggests’ to find a vast area of keywords.
  • Use the ‘Google related search queries’ to pick up some important keywords.

Choose a specific title for your content and write with full enjoyment

Choosing a specific headline doesn’t mean to write wordy sentences having irrelevant meanings. People are more likely to click on content having Specific and Decorated Titles.

Several studies have said that 80% of people read articles by viewing the Titles and only 20% read the article without depending on the title.

Some tips to write attractive titles

  • The clarity of your titles plays a key role in attracting the viewers. People are too lazy nowadays to go deep through an article to discover what’s new.
  • Emotion and engagement in your title turn the whole thing around. Let people feel their emotions while looking at your title.
  • Numbers play a vital role in increasing the clicks of your posts.

Write the content with full enjoyment

Don’t try to be an expert while starting to write a content or article. After blocking all the distractions of social media, it’s time to block your negative thoughts in the way. Stop thinking about grammar mistakes, Typos, and sentence mistakes, and start writing fluently.

  • Write short paragraphs

Articles decorated with paragraphs are more viewed than articles without paragraphs. Divide your article into Headings and subheadings.

  • Stay connected with the readers

Don’t let the viewers feel that they are reading, not talking to you. Use of ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Me’, and more like these enhance your connectivity with the viewers.

  • Present researched and decorated intro

The Titles play an important role in getting clicks, but it is the introduction that increases the Stability of readers.

  • Add questions to your articles

A question mark(?) Plays a vital role in attracting the attention of the viewers towards you. It generates curiosity within the readers to find and explore more.
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