Meta Messenger head to leave company in 2022

Dec 7 (Reuters) – Meta Platforms Inc said on Tuesday its Messenger head Stan Chudnovsky, who is also leading the integration of the social media network’s messaging apps, will leave the company in 2022.

Chudnovsky joined Meta, formerly known as Facebook, over seven years ago as product head for messaging.He was promoted to head Messenger in 2018.

He had previously worked as global strategy head at Paypal after IronPearl, a user tracking company he co-founded, 온라인슬롯추천 was acquired by the payments firm in 2013.

“I’ll be leaving Meta at some point in Q2 next year,” Chudnovsky said in a Facebook post website

“I have no plans to retire, but I am looking forward to taking a good, many months long break.”

Facebook has been trying to tie together messaging across its suite of apps and first enabled it between Instagram and Messenger last September.It made a similar move with its namesake app and Messenger in August.

Chudnovsky said Loredana Crisan, who has worked at Meta for almost six years, will step into the role of leading Messenger that includes Instagram messaging and Messenger Kids.

Maher Saba, who joined the company in 2013, will oversee the remote presence products and head engineering, according to Chudnovsky’s post.

Facebook in October changed the name of its holding company to Meta, undergoing a rebranding at a time when lawmakers and regulators have criticised its market power, algorithmic decisions, and the policing of abuses on its services.(Reporting by Eva Mathews in Bengaluru; Editing by Ramakrishnan M.)

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